Circumcision: Treatment for Phimosis and Redundant Prepuce

In adult men, redundant prepuce of the foreskin means that the foreskin of the penis is slightly longer than normal and it covers the head of the penis completely when not erect. In some men, this excess skin may also be the cause of inflammation and infection and hence the removal through the adult circumcision surgery becomes necessary.

On the other hand, phimosis is a medical condition where the foreskin of the penis becomes so tight that it becomes difficult to retract it from the glans and it covers the glans at all times. This is common in newborns, where the glans and foreskin attach less to each other. Know that this condition is often self-limiting and it resolves on its own as men age, and by the time boys reach the age of five, it resolves completely. However, in some cases, it occurs in adult men due to various infections.

The Conditions That Requires Circumcision in Men

As you read on below, you will learn about the various medical conditions that call for the need for circumcision in adult men to get rid of this medical condition:

  • Circumcision for the Treatment of Infections: Infection in the foreskin occurs when discharge accumulated under the foreskin and cleaning it becomes a problem because of the small opening and the foreskin (long), leading to infections. These infections eventually cause urinary tract problems later and hence, the need for circumcision becomes imperative to treat the problem.
  • Circumcision for Phimosis: Just as stated above, this condition results when retracting the foreskin from the penis glans becomes a problem, which could cause restriction of the penis growth. This condition also causes smaller coronas in men, which does not give them the right sexual pleasure and it affects their sex Thus, circumcision helps to get rid of this condition in adult men.
  • Adult Circumcision to Treat Balanitis: In adult men, this infection in the penis occurs in the glans and foreskin. Often, there is no particular cause for this condition, but it occurs in men who have redundant prepuce and also a poor immune system. When this condition occurs, it causes redness around the urethra along with irritation and pain around the penile region.
  • Urinary Tract Infections: Often, urinary tract infections occur due to problems like redundant prepuce and circumcision controls this condition.
  • Affects Intimate Relations: If the foreskin of the penis does not detract from the glans, it then affects intimate relations. Hence, in order to have a healthy relationship, it is recommendable that an individual considers Circumcision Center.
  • Paraphimosis and Circumcision: In the medical world, the condition results when the foreskin of the penis remains stuck behind the penis and retracting it back to the normal position becomes a problem. This condition is a painful one, and normally, it requires adult circumcision for the correction.

Adult Circumcision: The Best Treatment for Phimosis

One of the best ways to get rid of phimosis and redundant prepuce is to undergo the process of circumcision. Adult circumcision is quite an old surgical procedure and it has been around for so many years, for a number of different reasons. As medical science advances, researchers continue to come up with smart ways to heal the condition.

The Traditional Circumcision

Keep in mind that adult circumcision is one of the oldest forms or methods of removing the foreskin of the penis. In the traditional circumcision, this involves the surgical removal of the glans. It takes this surgery about half an hour and it proceeds on an outpatient basis. Absorbable sutures seal the wounds, and pot surgery the incisions heal.

Keep in mind that you as the patient can return to all your normal activities within no time. Pain medications in this case help with discomfort and pain that individuals may experience. Within just a few months post surgery, you can resume your normal activities.

Laser Circumcision


Laser circumcision remains one of the most novel ways to tackle foreskin circumcision. In this procedure, the foreskin removal then proceeds through utilising laser beams. This method is quite a helpful one and it prevents the problem of significant wounds and bleeding. This surgery is a precise one and only excess skin removal takes place. This surgery only takes about twenty minutes and it is less painful with a faster recovery expectation.

The Sleeve Resection Technique

This method involves the making of incisions in the inner and outer foreskin surface. The foreskin removal then proceeds in the form of a ring tissue. The bleeding then stops through the process of electrocautery. The completion of the surgery takes place when the incisions stitched with absorbable sutures. The needle for the suturing of the skin is an atraumatic one. Keep in mind that additional suture closure is with paper wound closure tapes to reduce the tension further on the sutures and re-approximate the edges accurately.

Adult circumcision is actually the cure for a number of health-related problems. If you are searching for the best cure of the problems related to your sensitive area, it is advisable that you consult experienced surgeons in your area.


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