6 Best Non-Surgical Dermatology Treatments

dermatologist’s job is not just to treat skin problems. They can also help you to look more beautiful and youthful. In fact, you can expect magic from them as they can give you an instant facelift that makes you look younger in minutes. You can expect tighter skin and a sharper nose without having to get any skin off. The best part is that most of the treatments they provide are non-surgical, which means that you can save lots of money and trouble. Let us explore the 10 best non-surgical dermatology treatment options:

1. Eye-Lift:

Most women come across droopy eyelids as the first sign of aging. This leaves them looking dull and tired all the time. However, everyone may not be interested in the idea of a cosmetic surgery. Dermatology provides alternative options such as a combination treatment of Thermage and Botox. Thermage deep heats the collagen and tightens the fine lines using radio frequency. Botox is injected around the eyebrows to lift the skin around then eyelids. Together, these two techniques make an effective procedure to resolve droopy eyelids.

2. Lip Plump:

Plumper lips have become the hottest trend today, thanks to the celebrities who have endorsed it. But you may not always need to take up expensive surgeries to get those luscious lips like your favorite diva. A dermatologist can help you with a dermal filler treatment that gives a natural looking pout. The technique involves the injection of hyaluronidase, a derivative of hyaluronic acid in the lips to give them the desired plumpness. The best thing is that the treatment is quick and the lips are back to a natural state only in minutes.

3. Nose Job:

Another amazing treatment that you can get from a dermatologist is a non-surgical nose job, which is a smarter alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. Like the lip plump, this is a filer treatment that can alter the shape of the nose and even make it look smaller. It is primarily used to even out the nasal bridge bumps to give it a straighter, smaller look.

4. Double Chin Removal:

Aging leads to the sagging of chin and neck area. Resolving this age-related issue is the most difficult challenge even for surgeons. However, dermatology brings an innovative treatment option for the problem. It is done by injecting deoxycholic acid (a natural substance found in the human body) under the chin. The substance destroys the fat under the chin area naturally and firms it up to make you look younger.

5. Hair Regrowth:

Another non-surgical treatment that Atlanta Dermatology clinics offer is to promote hair growth without a transplant surgery. Growth factors and some beneficial cells are derived from the patient’s blood and reintroduced in the scalp by injections. The growth factors are collected from the blood by a centrifugal procedure. The scalp gets nourished and becomes able to regrow the lost hair without having to transplant them. The procedure, known as Platelet-Rich Therapy (PRP), is an autologous treatment as it uses the patient’s own blood cells rather than a foreign substance for the regrowth of hair.

6. Skin Brightening:

Brighter, radiant skin is something that every woman wants to have. Dermatology brings the answer to this quest in the form of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), a treatment for sun-damaged skin. The therapy involves the application of a sensitising medication on the skin, followed by exposure to blue light. Not only does it makes the skin brighter, but also kills precancerous cells.

All these non-surgical dermatological treatments have become very popular during the last few years. The reason is that they are far more convenient and less expensive as compared to cosmetic surgery. At the same time, the result they yield are equally impressive.


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