Cofee vs. Green Tea: Which is Best for Weight Loss?


Losing weight has never been an easy thing to do. You need to balance your time, attention, the food you eat, and many more factors. there’s a need to weigh in a lot of things including the food you eat, the drinks you consume –Coffee and Green Tea. You should know what is more beneficial in weight loss. And you should know what to and what not to avoid.

Two of the most crucial elements in a successful process of losing weight is the proper exercise and diet. Certainly, there are a lot of ways to enhance and speed up the result of weight loss. One of which is using some supplements for weight loss.

In losing weight, many people worry about their favorite beverages that are caffeinated. Maybe your one of them. However, you should know if these drink or which of these beverages helps or hurts your efforts towards weight loss. Coffee vs green tea, consider these two most popular caffeinated beverages –which of these helps or hurts you?

Coffee vs Green Tea: Basic Differences

We all know that water is the most popular and most important drink in the whole world. Following it are the two best beverages of all time: coffee and tea. Millions of people around the globe drink these two each and every day. In most western countries, coffee is very popular. While in the eastern culture, tea is more preferred since it is in their culture even long time ago. However, these are just generalizations –both coffee and tea are universal around the world.

Both beverages are natural and come from plants. Tea and coffee have been cultivated for centuries now. Diverse cultures from all over the world propagate these crops. Some of the most popular types of coffee come from the tropical areas in Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. While the largest producer of tea is in Asia.

The famous green tea is a bit different from the black, oolong, and herbal teas available in the market. Even though both the black and green teas come from the same plant, the preparation process for each is very distinct.

-The green tea is not allowable to oxidize. Furthermore, it is pan-fried or steamed to retain its delicate and fresh flavor.

-The black tea, on the other hand, is gathered, withered, rumpled. Moreover, unlike green tea, the black tea is allowable to oxidize to produce a strong flavor.

Coffee vs Green Tea: Caffeine Content

The method of brewing the two beverages may vary. However, the typical cup of coffee has about three times more caffeine than that of a cup of green tea. The caffeine content of both beverages is important for staying within the daily amount of caffeine that is recommended by professionals.

Furthermore, both coffee and tea are safe in control. Professionals believe that adults that are in good physical shape should consume a caffeine amounting to not greater than 450 ml every day. Moreover, a woman who wants to get pregnant should also limit themselves into just 300 ml. Additionally, for children 4-6 years of age, lesser than 45 ml of caffeine is a must.

Coffee vs Green Tea: Added Calories

If you are aiming to lose weight, you are to look out for some added calories. The meals you eat must have a proper plan, but sauces, condiments, and some other add-ons may add calories. The same relates in here.

Coffee is really dangerous when we talk about additional calories. For example, the things that you add to it like, milk, creamer, sugars, etc. These add-ons don’t just add additional flavor to your coffee. It also adds more worries in your diet. That’s why you need to be wary about how you drink your coffee.

Green tea in losing weight has a tendency of being safer than coffee. However, you should still be wary of adding sugar into your tea. If you prefer sweet, they might as well add honey, not sugar. Why? Because honey is much better than a scoop of sugar in terms of weight loss.

Coffee vs Green Tea: What does Research Tell?

Both green tea and coffee are undoubtedly popular beverages in the whole world. Plus they are both safe in terms of moderation. Hence, what does research tell about the potential of both the coffee and tea for weight loss?

Caffeine, as others suggest helps in boosting weight loss. Furthermore, it provides more energy to the body, makes you feel full longer, and supports in the better processing of metabolism. This seems to indicate that coffee can be a great choice. However…

Tea, particularly green tea has catechin –a powerful antioxidant which gives a lot of health benefits. Furthermore, it may even help in reducing the risk of some type of cancer. A research shows that aside from the caffeine content of the tea, its catechin content also offers extra benefits especially to those who want to lose weight.


It’s clear that in terms of losing weight, tea is the winner. Even though both drinks have caffeine, green tea still is rich with essential nutrient, catechin. However, if you really want to lose weight, you should be strict on what you eat and have a proper diet and exercise.


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