Does Drinking Cold Water Help You Lose Weight?

There are rumors on the internet that says, drinking warm water helps in losing weight. While some rumors claim that cold water does. Truthfully, the internet is loaded with such information on weight loss, and this confuses a lot of people. In a more serious manner, believing in anything that on the internet is trying to tell isn’t the wisest thing to do. To know if drinking cold water help you lose weight, read on to this article. This will explain if the information of cold water helps in weight loss is true or not.

Cold water help you lose weight: A logical rumor?

Rumors claim that by drinking cold water, you’ll be able to burn calories. Actually, this seems to be a pretty awesome thing compared to controlling your food intake and doing intensive exercises. Furthermore, there is a logic behind this cold water to lose weight thingy. Mind you, this logic is quite convincing. Mainly, it is about the difference in the temperature of both the internal body and the cold water.

They say that in order to bring the temperature of the cold water to the temperature of the body which is 37 degrees Celsius, your cells must work torridly. In this manner, the stored calories are being utilized. This will result in weight loss. And take note, you lose weight without sweating even a bit! However, as we know, nothing comes easy, specifically in losing weight.

Below are some of the scientific studies pertaining to the effect of cold water in weight loss.

Cold water help you lose weight: What does science say?

In a study conducted in 2008, it states that drinking a lot of water all throughout the day may help in losing weight. Furthermore, they also suggest that an increase in the water consumption may have a long-term effect on the weight loss of women. Even though researchers did not make any distinction in the temperature of the water, it is believed that cold water may be is more superior.

Cool rehydration. According to the Columbia Health, drinking cold water may have an effect on the metabolism. However, it can be a better help in rehydrating you as you exercise. This will then allow you to last longer in the gym and burn more calories during workouts. Cold water will not only help cool your core temperature, but it also helps the stomach. This is since the stomach absorbs the cold water much faster than that of the warm water.

Coldness and the calories. In the study of obesity, it’s not necessary if you add ice cubes to your water or not, your efforts may be put in vain. They even say that even though you can burn some extra calories by drinking cold water, the difference of it in warm water consumption has a low impact.

Cold water help you lose weight: Important Things to Know

Adding ice to your glass of water is definitely refreshing –there’s no doubt with that. However, can it really be beneficial to you aim at losing weight? In increasing your metabolic rate? Of course, it does. Cold water may help in increasing the metabolic rate. However, some say that the difference between the cold water-induced thermogenesis and warm water-induced thermogenesis is so insufficient. Furthermore, it also cannot affect the scale when you weigh yourself.

If you check the labels on some foods, you may find its calorie information. However, what most people don’t understand is that there is a big difference between the small and big c. The calories (the small c) is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1gm water by degrees Celsius, while the Calories (the big C) is the amount of energy that is present in the foods.

Similarly, if you drink half a liter of cold water (about zero degrees Celsius in temperature) with your body at the normal body temperature, you will be able to burn about nearly 18,000 calories just to increase the water temperature. Hence, basically, if you drink 2 liters of cold water every day, it will help you burn just 70 Calories.

Cold water help you lose weight: The verdict

You must drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated every time. And of course, if it is your goal to lose weight, it is ideal as well. Warm and cold water myths might probably work but not in a direct manner. Example, cold water may reduce your core temperature and increase your performance in exercises, this means you can work out more and lose more weight. On the other hand, warm water may help in suppressing your appetite, hence, making you consume lesser calories.

Regardless of whatever the temperature of water you prefer, you must drink about two to four liters of water a day to keep your metabolism and cells active. Furthermore, it also helps in flushing out all the toxins in your body.

So, that’s it, notwithstanding of what the temperature of your water, it can be beneficial. Not just cold or hot –it can be a great help.


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