Essential Creativity Lessons for Children to Make Them Healthy

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Who doesn’t love children? Children are so full of liveliness and creativity and make us miss our own childhood. Not that we have entirely lost our creative side, still, the zenith of creativity was in our childhood and we were so curious and inquisitive about everything. In the contemporary times that we are living in, we see that there is so much consciousness about the ways to raise children.

With the advent of the Internet, things have changed, to a much greater extent than we think. People have become more and more conscious about the use of internet by kids. We see tons of articles and pieces written on the very subject of how internet is reducing the creativeness and imaginative faculty in kids, being glued to the screen for long hours. Well, to an extent, these pieces of research and worries are true, but internet is not as unhealthy as it is deemed to be. Limiting screen time and keeping a check on what they are watching/doing on the Internet, can rather make internet a productive thing for them. And like all other parents, we do ensure a steady subscription of Internet at our homes. Check out Spectrum Internet Service Area bundles to avail better discounts.

We have a few creativity tips and recommended practices that will help your kids stay and act their age.

Encourage Inquisitiveness

Curiosity and inquisitiveness are innate attributes of a human and are at their peak while we are younger. The world around is all new to them, everything is new. And they observe things and their first natural reaction is to ask a question about what they see and observe. We, as parents and adults, should never try to suppress this inquisitiveness in children. This curiosity is something that make them become good learners at everything in life.

We strongly recommend that you should always address the queries and questions of your children and never express that you are tired and sick of answering them. Because this can make them quieter and less attached to the human connections and they will turn to isolation or use modes like internet to find out their answers.

Also, more questioning means they are more observant, and more intelligent than others and can become better learners. So, they need to be encouraged more.

Encourage More Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports help in improving the imaginative faculty of children and make them more creative. Remember how we used to create and invent our own games, like imagining to be struggling with mazes in a castle, or jumping in the puddles whilst imagining you are somewhere in the ocean or thinking about flying high in the sky on a flying carpet while sitting on the garden rug.

So, instead of letting your children be glued to the gadget screens, encourage them to play more and more outdoor games (without worrying about them getting dirty). Having no touch with nature is not good for their health too, and playing in the soil helps developing children’s immune system. People who are extra conscious about hygiene should know that extra cleanliness and never letting kids play in the dirt and dust weakens the immune system.

Encourage them to Nurture Friendships

If you are one of those over-conscious and overprotective parents who doesn’t let their children socialize much, or only allow them to socialize with people that you deem fit for it, here’s a little piece of advice for you. Dictating your children about everything isn’t really a good practice, sometimes you should let your children enjoy the freedom and make decisions for themselves. Too many instructions kill the creativity, uniqueness and decisive faculty of children. Let them choose their friends according to their instincts and interact with kids their way. Choosing friends at that age is entirely not like choosing friends in adulthood. In that age of purity and innocence, kids pick mates without the consciousness of how people look, which class do they belong to, or any other status-related standards (that we, adults gauge-in our heads).

So, let them choose their friends and encourage them to nurture their friendships. Friends that are closely connected enhance creativity with the ideas, games and discussions that they have.

Healthy Online Activities

Gadgets and Internet for kids shouldn’t be dealt as something totally detrimental to the creativity of kids. If the online activities are monitored and advised by parents and adults and you tune your kids into using the right stuff, then online activities can also be creative. There are games like solving puzzles, or the ones that involve mathematical problems and other activities like paint etc., that make kids creative and sharp. So, if you are looking for the right ISP, check Spectrum Cable Bundles and subscribe to one of their customised packages.

Help your kids become more and more creative with these simple tips and see them become more dynamic, happy, and sharp.


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