Tips to Eliminate Travel Yoga Mats

Travel Yoga Mats

Yoga is the perfect and peaceful practice for a healthy living. What if you are traveling and exploring the world but even though you don’t want to miss your health regime. If you are yoga lover and even fond of exploring. And you find it tricky to pack yoga kits with travel luggage then you can opt for thinner, lighter and durable Travel Yoga Mats. At Gym Gear Info we have a review guide for to choose your best Travel yoga mats

If you are really looking forward to practicing your yoga while nomad then just roll the best Travel Yoga Mats Bags, and affordable Yoga Kit for Beginner to enjoy your healthy trip. Let’s be more realistic with the tips and tricks to carry necessary fitness gears in long travel trips, flights, to avoid the load of luggage. Carrying heavy workout accessories etc can just fall the mood of your enjoyment in paths of exploring.

Practice Yoga around the world while traveling is not less an adventure itself. In fact, can replenish your mood with new motivational spirits. It’s easy to drop lightweight Travel Yoga Mats Bags and start your regime anywhere anytime. Carrying yoga mats with travel bags is not only heavy but also look awkward with style bags and suitcases.

To choose your favorite, make sure when you opt for yoga mats, it should be thinner, weightless, griped and durable. Despite this, they should be made of natural rubber not of plastic because rubber mats are more durable, flexible, and non-slippery.

Types of Travel Yoga Mats:

Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Mat:

This particular Travel Yoga Mat is quite light weighted, approximately just 2 Pounds and extremely thin (1.5mm). These durable mats are easy to fold, to carry even are fitted in the suitcase. These are made up of natural rubber and holds grip too.

Manduka eKO Lite Mat:

These Travel Yoga Mats are enough to light weighted (approx. 4 Pounds) and are quite thick (3mm) because of their cushion patterns. This particular Travel Yoga Mats not that easy to carry with luggage as these are non-foldable, with this demerit you can’t carry them in your purse or suitcase. These kind mats are fairly cushioned and paddy but are heavy to carry for long distance travel trips.

Jade Travel Yoga Mat:

Yoga lovers are more stick to these kinds’ mats as because they are quite affordable, with the average amount of weight and durability points. These yoga mats are also made from natural rubber. With the wide choice of this type, the lightest is 1/8 inch thick and holds 3 or 3+ Pounds. These mats seem to be quite heavy while traveling but are good enough with other merits. The best is that with every purchase company plants a tree. Moreover, people often find these mats too sticky for yoga to hold sweat and dust.

Gaiam Sol Thin-Grip Yoga Mat:

These types Travel Yoga Mats are thinnest up to (2mm to 3mm) and lightest too. These are durable and sticky rubber mats with no padding with the variety of available patterns.

Apart from Travel Yoga Mats, Travel Yoga Mat Bags and Yoga Kit for Beginners are quite easy means to work out while exploring the new places. Comfort is the best key to hold inner peace and rest for both mind and body. After long and hectic journey carrying heavy stuff and luggage is also not a good idea in addition to yoga accessories. Regardless of all necessary things you need in trip make a proper plan to hold your fitness gears and yoga equipment. To add perfection with luggage, you can go for Travel Yoga Mat Bags, which holds several pockets and zippers. These multi pockets Travel Yoga Mat Bags add the bonus to your travel as can hold many necessary and handy things.


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