Exercises for Getting Rid of Flabby Arms

To many people, having flabby arms is what they dread the most. This dilemma happens to a lot of women, but there’s really no reason to worry. There are simple solutions for it. This article will tell you more about the 5 exercises that help get rid of flabby arms and further eliminate arm fat.



Generally, pushups are a standard exercise which helps build both lower and upper body strength, working the muscles and, in turn, eliminating flabby arms. If you are doing pushups, try to put your hands in different positions to work different parts of the muscles.



Weight lifting is an exercise that can make the arms more strong and stable. Depending on your aesthetic goals and the weight you’re lifting, your results can vary. It’s important to make sure you start off light and slow, building up to heavier weights, because sudden and heavy lifting can lead to injury.


Backward lifts

Backward lifts will not only help eliminate arm flab, but they’re also a great way to strengthen your upper back. To do a backwards lift, stand with your feet apart and bend your knees and elbows slightly. Lift your arms in front of you and slowly pull them back, like you’re doing a row. Release, and start again.


Triceps dips

This exercise is the best technique for building triceps, and it also aids a lot in eliminating flab from the arms. Generally, a table or lower elevated surface is needed to do these. Stand with your back against the surface and place your hands on it. Walk your feet away and lower yourself down until you are sitting on the floor with your arms bent behind you, gripping the surface. Use your arms to lift yourself up from the floor. Slowly lower yourself down, and repeat.


Triceps extensions

This exercise is great in eliminating excess fat at the back of your upper arms. You need to hold a dumbbell in each hand when you are doing this exercise, and slowly raise the arms over your head until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Triceps extensions must be done at least 30 times a day. Within a month’s time, the upper arms will be fat-free!

As you can see, the exercises to get rid of flabby arms are pretty easy and accessible. Be sure to do all the exercises to get all areas of your arms and upper body. The most important thing to remember, though, is that you need to supplement your exercises with a healthy diet, or you won’t lose the weight.


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