Hold On! Now you can even be Hot Stone Massage Therapist

Hot Stone Massage Therapist

Are you still pissed up or frustrated with your pain happening all around in your body and medicines are really not helping you out. Then let me tell you, currently, you are going through the correct article.

However, if anybody has ever experienced the physical and mental relaxation of a hot stone massage, then you may understand how this ancient therapy can go beyond muscle pain relief. This is suggested to reduce all kind of stress in you and also prevent medical issues. This blog will tell you about the procedure of how to apply hot stone massage therapy to your partner and to yourself too.

Hot stone massage is the first therapeutic method that was introduced thousand years ago. We don’t have previous records but professionals say that it was first used by Native America. Stone and rocks were heated in open fire and then it is placed on the part of the body linked with an ailment of healing. And now many therapists have even opted spirituality into their sessions. Now the therapists have even known the proper places to keep the stone on the body parts.

Types of Stones used in Hot Stone massage:

  • Igneous rocks: Commonly used stone in Hot Stone Massage is the basalt stone from the volcanic eruption. Made by a spring of gushing lava’s magma, once solidified, this sort of stone will turn a shade of green, dark, or dim contingent upon the presentation to the components. The basalt stones utilised are generally level and smooth for better situating. They likewise hold warm for quite a while.

  • Sedimentary Rocks: Other well-known stones for massage treatment incorporate marine, limestone, or sandstone—all piece of the sedimentary rock gathering. Their mineral qualities and capacity to hold warm consolidate with their smoothness for an extraordinary pick. The marine stones are made out of coral and plant matter from the sea.


Know how hot stone massage works?

Basically, there is much more to know about hot stone massage than how much is it smooth, flat rocks, and placement of rock on your body. It takes understanding the sorts of rocks and their mineral qualities to have the capacity to coordinate them in agreement to the correct ailments. You additionally should see how disease, disorder, and torment can identify with the body and organs.

For instance, the stones set on the back would have unexpected inward qualities in comparison to the stone put on the arms or legs. A specialist may utilize a few types of stones during a hot stone massage session. The majority of the present treatment sessions see the stones plunged in water before heating with the correct equipment, for example, a thermos-controlled electronic machine. It is fundamental not to overheat the stones as it can burn the skin.

The massage will basically start with oil massage with hands before placing those stones. By putting the stones straightforwardly on the body, the warmth can be centered profoundly into the fixed muscles and tissue. A thin fabric can likewise be set between the customer and the stones if asked.

Attention, know how to massage yourself:

Well, you can easily find many massage kit on the market with all the details how to use and the same stone that any specialist uses. Before placing, do remember to see that stone is not much hot when holding in your hand. Prevent placing stones on the face and scalp.

  1. Stage One – Clean the stones in a bowl of water with three to four drops of an antibacterial cleanser.
  2. Stage Two – Place stones on the base of a moderate cooker and enough water to fill the dish.
  3. Stage Three – Heat on low to warm stones for 30 minutes. Try not to overheat the stone hotter than 125° F, else it can burn skin.
  4. Stage Four – Your partner should lie look down on a bed or table with almost no dress. Utilize a sheet for security and to maintain a distance to prevent something to happen naughty.
  5. Stage Five – Start by putting stones on the left leg at the best, f thigh, back of the knee, and on the calf. Leave while you massage the correct leg with included weight. You can utilize oil on the off chance that you wish.
  6. Stage Six – Taking the biggest stone from the left leg, gradually put on the skin at the foot sole area and slide it up the correct leg to simply underneath the bum.
  7. Stage Seven – Place warm stones on the correct leg in an indistinguishable spot from the left and enable them to sit while you rub the left leg. Take the biggest stone from the privilege and slide along the left leg up to the posterior.
  8. Stage Eight – Place a vast stone on either side of the posterior for a couple of minutes before massaging the muscles.
  9. Stage Nine – Place warmed stones on your accomplice’s neck, shoulders, and lower back for a few minutes. Next massage every vast back muscle.
  10. Stage Ten – Repeat all massage ventures on your partner’s front body side

Getting this whole session to your partner will be very beneficial for her. This will help her in proving pain relief, stress buster, increased joint flexibility, reduces muscles spasms and tension and also better sleep. Basically, massage really helps in relaxation and sleep in older people.

Everything which has many benefits also has a bit of risks, such risks from hot stone massage are breaking in the skin, infection, and illness, heart disease and do remember not go for this massage if you are drunk or high on drugs.


Hope this article has helped you a lot in know what requires hot stone massage and the entire step to be used to apply this massage to your friends and yourself. There are many specialists around in the world that will help you in releasing your stress, but you will find the best Hot Stone Massage Toronto. If you ever go there, it is worth trying.


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