Horse Gram For Weight Loss: How Does It Work?


Do you want to lose weight in just a span of one month? There is one kind of grain that you can consume to achieve that! You should try the horse gram for weight loss. Are you familiar with it? Horse gram is a lentil with a unique disk-like shape. It is a good source of protein, good for vegans and vegetarians. The horse gram has already been in use for ages now, especially as a folk or alternative medicine in treating kidney condition, menstrual irregularity, cough, colds, and even obesity. Therefore, it is very effective and safe to use in losing weight. Give this article a read and get to know how it works!

What is Horse Gram?

Scientifically, horse gram is called the Macrotyloma uniflorum. This particular low-profile legume actually took its name from its own use as one of the staple foods for cattle and horses. Nevertheless, if you find its name a bit unpromising, you may call it Kollu. Even though its name is a bit discouraging, there is no denying that it is beneficial for the health. Truly, it is not good to judge something by its cover.

Moreover, horse gram is a pulse kind of crop, which is widely cultivated and consumed in the country of India since ancient times. Furthermore, it is native to the tropical regions of Africa, and in the South-east Asian subcontinent. Thanks to its exceptional nutritional profile, general hardiness, and drought-resistance, it is a potential food source.

Furthermore, horse gram is a lentil that is ought to be the richest protein content. Not just that, it is also high-powered. This is the reasons why racehorses are being fed with this kind of gram. People mostly grow it in dry agricultural lands and still keeps a low profile even up to this day.

Eating a lot of horse gram may actually be beneficial in managing obesity. This is since it has the capacity to attack the fatty tissues. This is all thanks to its potent phenol content. Moreover, the horse gram also has the capacity to generate energy and heat in the system, thus keeping you warm even on cold winter days.

The horse gram in raw form is specifically rich in proteins, flavonoids, and polyphenols, which are the main antioxidants. Put simply, it is essential in keeping the body young, and the skin so vibrant.

Why is it a superfood on its own?

The horse gram may not be that much inviting due to its unpleasing name, but the qualities that it possesses are irrefutably wonderful. As a matter of fact, it is low in sodium and lipid content, and its own slow digestible starch makes it very ideal for patients who are obese and diabetic. Moreover, it is also low in fat, and is high in carbohydrates content. Additionally, it is high in protein, calcium, and in iron. As a matter of fact, the horse gram has the highest content of calcium among all the pulses. It is also one of the richest sources of protein for those who are vegetarian.

Horse Gram for Weight Loss: How does it work?

As what we have said earlier, the horse gram is oozing with so many vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and protein. Not just that, it is also low in calories content. This is what makes horse gram for weight loss amazing.

Here are some reasons why you should consume horse gram for weight loss:

  • Easy to digest. The soluble and insoluble fiber in the horse gram make it easier for the stomach to digest it. The fiber in it is actually beneficial in promoting the digestive tract’s peristaltic movement. This is beneficial in flushing the toxins out of the colon. This is also essential in maintaining the proper digestive function.
  • Keeps the energy levels high. The consumption of the horse gram is beneficial in keeping the energy levels high. The dietary fiber and protein in it are essential in keeping you satiated. This, in turn, may help in preventing you from feeling hungry all the time. You will tend to feel more energetic and more active.
  • Proteins build muscle. There is an ample amount of protein in the horse gram. As a matter of fact, a hundred grams of horse gram has approximately 22 grams of protein. The protein is beneficial in rejuvenating and rebuilding the muscles.
  • Rich in dietary fibre. The dietary fiber is a complex carbohydrate, which is essential in losing weight. This is through the encapsulation of the fat molecules, thus preventing the fat absorption.
  • Low in calories content. If you want to lose some weight, the body needs to maintain the balance of negative energy. Because the horse gram is low in calories, you may consume it as much as you want. The high fiber and protein in it will also keep you from feeling full and for a longer period of time.