How Does Livermore CrossFit Change Your Body and Mind?

It looks like Livermore CrossFit has gotten so popular these days that it’s all we can see on social media. But if we look deeper, we’ll learn more about those people who dedicate themselves to achieve a fitness lifestyle and regimen. If you want-to enter the world of CrossFit, you may get confused on where to start. After all, you don’t just wake up one day and become a CrossFitter in an instant.

It’s very important that you understand the challenges that you’ll have to face when you enter the world ofCrossFitting. These can be physical or mental challenges. But what do we exactly get from doing this? Does it even make sense for an individual to do Livermore CrossFit?

Below are 7 of the ways you can be changed through Livermore CrossFit:

1. You’ll gain weight

If the reason why you do CrossFit is to lose weight, then the scale will probably surprise you when you start doing it. It is true that you’ll be burning a lot of calories from the high-intensity workout. But CrossFit is also about strength training. That means you’ll be gaining muscles in places you never had before.

The weight gain isn’t a bad thing. As a matter of fact. It’s just the start of your physical transformation. That means that your clothes may no longer fit the same and that you’ll need to shop for new ones that’ll fit you. However, how much you lose or gain will depend on your eating habits.

2. You’ll become tough mentally

Do you want to know the-main truth about Livermore CrossFit? The workload, as well as the demanding intensity of level, can mentally break you. At one point, you might just say, “I’m giving up”. But it will also teach you to keep pushing yourself, to do “one more rep” to complete the exercise. Even if your body is already sore because of your workout the day before, you’ll still learn to make your mental facilities tough.

Brick NorCal can help you improve and become tough mentally. You’ll be able to learn from your past failures quickly and to turn those difficult workouts into your point of strength. These can be applied in your daily life, too.

3. You’ll become obsessed

If you haven’t realised yet, CrossFit is a lifestyle and not just an old exercise plan. That’s why every CrossFitter you have probably met is completely immersed in it. If you’re serious about Livermore CrossFit, the same will happen to you. You wouldn’t even realize it.

You’ll start by adjusting your eating habits. And then, you’ll begin to check the internet to find out what the WOD (workout of the day) is.

4. You’ll give up your junk foods

CrossFit can transform your physique, and that’s a fact. Doing exercise alone will never get you the best results. However, changing your diet can impact your health. Most CrossFit hubs provide diet tips, and even suggest keeping records of your food intake during your training. And this helps a lot!

There are a lot of foods you can eat to achieve your CrossFit goal. And you can find a list of all those foods online. Look for foods that are rich in grains and proteins. They’re perfect for CrossFitters. You’ll be convinced to change your eating habits after you see the results from changing your meals. This is only another step to keep this lifestyle and fitness plan.

5. You’ll become so good at counting

Did you know that you’ll get good at counting with Livermore CrossFit? You’ll just start to count reps without even realising you’re already counting. The workout regimen has something to do with counting reps. Even if you only do box jumps and medicine ball cleans, all you’ll do is count.

You’ll have to count forward, and then backward. Then, add more reps in pushing yourself. This is a lot of mental math. You’ll notice this as you perform a rigorous WOD. Counting all the reps while you’re doing a difficult workout will help push yourself in doing more workouts.

More importantly, you’ll be starting to count everything in the same way as you’re counting your air squats and any exercise that you enjoy the most.

6. You’ll have more energy

By doing CrossFit, you’ll be able to notice a newfound level of energy. One of the very noticeable changes associated with pushing through a ton of CrossFit workouts is the amazing level of energy you’ll have. You’ll even have this kind of energy when you’re sore after a day’s workout.

So where does this energy come from? Apparently, this surge is coming from the improvement in your cardiovascular health. And this comes from working out regularly.

7. You’ll have a major endurance boost

Our body’s endurance usually bumps up as we perform consistent workouts. With all the high-intensity exercises and healthy living, you’ll start to notice that your endurance has changed. That’s because Livermore CrossFit increases your VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake).

The measurement for your overall aerobic fitness will increase more with CrossFit than it does with riding a bike or running for a long period of time. If you’re interested to increase your endurance, sign up with Brick NorCal. It offers a couple of WODs which can greatly help you increase your endurance.

These are all the changes you’ll notice when you start doing CrossFit. Even if you can barely walk, it’s still acceptable to go to the box. So what are you waiting for?

Where can you find the best CrossFit gym?

Brick NorCal is your best friend to help you achieve the physical and mental changes mentioned above. It’s located off of the Sunol Blvd exit in Pleasanton. So, you can easily access it from Dublin, Livermore, Castro Valley, and Fremont. Brick NorCal offers CrossFit classes with clean, air-conditioned facilities and with top of the line equipment. They are also proud to offer elite coaching where you can learn more about CrossFit.


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