How to Cure Skin Asthma?

Atopic dermatitis as what the medical field say is lingering skin problem that may cause inflammation, itchy rashes, and skin redness. Skin asthma develops due to a hypertensive reaction similar to allergy. There are many ways on how to cure skin asthma –and some doesn’t require you much money.

Before anything else, let us first understand what really skin asthma is.

What is Skin Asthma?

The medical field defines skin asthma as eczema or atopic dermatitis. It is actually a non-contagious usual chronic skin disease that lasts long. The word atopic dermatitis are actually separate terminologies. Atopic is actually another term for allergy like hay fever and asthma. Dermatitis on the other hand means inflammation of the skin.

The main effect of skin asthma is the itchy skin that causes any person to scratch it unceasingly. However, this leads to a more brutal cycle of an increased irritation and forceful scratching of the skin which complicates the condition.

The skin asthma can actually affect everyone of any age –although it’s uncommon to adults. Children are more prone to skin asthma and may occur at the age of 5.

In some cases, this skin disease may come and go, while for some, it’s a continuous battle. Knowing the causes, symptoms and signs of asthma may help you in treating this prickly condition better.

Causes of Skin Asthma

The cause of atopic dermatitis or skin asthma is not yet known. However, environmental factors and hereditary are the ones that being suspected. Some agents or factors prompt the development of the disease. These agents include emotional stress, chemical irritants, hormones, air-borne allergies, environmental factors, certain foods, and some allergens.

Children may inherit a genetic vulnerability to skin asthma from their parents who may have asthma or hay fever.

Here are some of the causes and stages of skin asthma:

1 The infant stage.  This usually includes children up to two years old, and the symptoms appear when they are 6-12 weeks.

2 Childhood stage. This stage usually includes ages 2 up to the age of puberty. The skin becomes scaly and hard because of constant scratching.

3 Adult stage. This usually begins in the puberty stage. Adults are also prone to eczema in their feet and hands.

Skin Asthma: Signs and Symptoms

Atopic dermatitis may appear in the skin in a lot of ways. Normally, it appears red and in a scaly patches that are inflamed. Furthermore, this certain case may appear as cracks in the skin or like a small bumps usually white in colour. In all cases, the skin asthma is itchy. Avoiding extreme scratching in the skin is a must because it may lead to infection.

Skin asthma may come and go but it depends on its exposure to any irritants. The usual irritants for skin asthma are weather, environment, dust, chemicals, mold, smoke, and detergents. If you are not certain about your skin asthma’s trigger, might as well get your allergy test. This will help you in the better treatment of your skin allergy.

The body joints are the usual areas where skin asthma occurs. Furthermore, the elbows, knuckles, and knees are prone as well. This disease also have the tendency to crop up correspondingly.

Here are some more symptoms of skin asthma:

-Intense itching

-Thickened skin due to constant scratching

-Crusting of the skin

-Redness of the skin


-Ear Discharge

-Skin colour changes

-Back of the arm and front thighs skin bumps

-Skin dryness

How to Cure Skin Asthma?

The skin asthma diagnosis includes a complete physical examinations. The detailed analysis of the skin must be done –including the personal and family history. After all the necessary examination, proper medication and treatment will be given. Certain diagnosis may be:

-Allergy Skin Test

-Skin Biopsy

You might be asking, how to cure skin asthma? Actually, in treating skin asthma, you need antihistamines. Furthermore, this should be taken orally to help relieve itchiness in the skin. Some antihistamines that you may try are:




The skin asthma treatment that most cases apply is the topical medicine application. These is done by applying a certain cream into the areas where skin asthma occur. Here are some of the topical treatments you might get prescription of:

-Ceramic creams

-Tropical Immunomodulators or (TIMs)

-Mild cortisone cream or ointment


Some other medical treatments may include:


-Antibiotic drugs or creams

-Immunosuppressant drugs

There are also natural remedies on how to cure skin asthma. Aside from these are inexpensive, they are safer than using chemicals. However, you should ask for your doctor’s opinion first before trying.


Skin asthma is a skin ailment that may last long and needs regular check-up and treatment. You must consult a doctor, specifically a dermatologist if your symptoms persists. As to the treatment on how to cure skin asthma, you should ask guidance first for your safety.


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