Benefits of Eggs

The importance of eggs in the diet is undeniable. Eating just one or two eggs per day fulfills your protein requirement and equips you with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Eggs are a complete solution to high-quality protein, weight balancing, composed nutrition, better brain function, reduced risk of stroke and a better immune system. They are also cost effective. 60% protein and 40% yolk, eggs contain 13 essential vitamins for the body. The yolk alone contains vitamins A, D, E, B12, K, folate and B2. Eggs are considered a complete protein which has all the essential amino acids. Let’s have a further look at some of their health benefits.


Better Brain Function and Vision:

Better brain function requires the exact vitamins and minerals which are abundant in eggs. Eggs contribute to a normal function of the nervous system and prevent age-related blindness.


Healthy Skin and Hair:

Eggs have iodine, biotin and selenium, which can maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.


Strong Immune System

All the vitamins A, D, B12, folate and selenium that are in eggs work towards a better immune system.


Normal Thyroid Function

The iodine and selenium in eggs both work towards the normal function of the thyroid gland, keeping the production of hormones at a healthy rate.

Healthy Body and Balanced Weight

High-quality protein gives you a boost of energy while the vitamins and minerals work to prevent the breakdown of body tissues. Eating eggs keep you feeling full, preventing you from unnecessary and unhealthy snacking. This maintains a healthy weight. Additionally, the cholesterol in eggs is a dietary cholesterol which doesn’t raise your blood cholesterol.


Healthy Pregnancy

Eggs assist in a healthy pregnancy by promoting fetal growth and preventing birth defects such as spina bifida. Eggs contribute to tissue growth, blood formation and a healthy immune system in the mother.


Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Eggs promote a healthy immune system. The amino acid known as homocysteine is responsible for developing heart disease, and the choline in eggs plays an important role in breaking down homocysteine.


Strong Bones and Teeth

Eggs contain vitamin D. which works to maintain normal growth in the teeth and body.


Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer:

In 2003, Harvard University researchers said that eating 6 eggs per weeks helps reduce the risk of breast cancer by 44%.


Essential Vitamins

Eggs contain all the essential vitamins. The B2 works to convert food into energy, the B12 produces red blood cells, the A promotes good eyesight and E works as an anti-cancer vitamin.


Essential Minerals

Eggs contain iron, zinc and phosphorus, all of which play a vital role in the human body. During menstruation, women need plenty of iron to maintain their energy levels. Zinc helps promote immune system function, and phosphorus builds strong bones.

Eggs are a source of natural protein and good fat. They should be added to the diet to ensure you obtain the sufficient amounts of protein, minerals and vitamins to lead a healthy lifestyle.



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