How to Increase Hair Growth with Onion?

Some people face sudden hair loss. Even though losing 50-100 hairs a day is considered normal, the problem in losing hair can still cause some emotional and mental stress in many people. Furthermore, severe hair loss can also affect the physical appearance of a certain person and may affect its self-confidence. There are many ways in reducing the risk of hair loss and you cannot just use any chemicals because there are even natural remedies for it. One example of which is onion. You might ask “How to increase hair growth with onion?” that is the purpose of this article –to let you know about it.

Benefits of Onion for Hair Growth

Most people are doubtful of onions helping in the prevention of hair loss. Some may ask how to increase hair growth with onions? You actually don’t need to worry, because studies show that the extract of onion can effectively boost hair growth and promote the hair regrowth. Furthermore, some also claim that applying onion juice into the hair also helps in controlling hair loss.

Moreover, it isn’t just the hair fall that you can prevent because of onions. You can also prevent some other hair problems like fungal infections, dandruff, and yeast infection. Researchers show that the onion extract is also effective in averting premature graying of the hair.

Onion for Hair Growth: Is it safe?

Absolutely yes, aside from it is natural, the onion will not cause any chemical reaction in your hair or in your body. Onion is completely safe to use in preventing hair loss and promoting the growth of the hair. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the after effects of using onion since it will not have any side effects in your skin.

You can use these amazing onions in preventing receded hairline or bald patches. You might be surprised because the result of it will not be the same result you can get when you use chemical treatments.

Onion for Hair Growth: How does it help?

The onion is packed with sulfur contents which is essential for the growth of hair. Its extracts, when applied to the scalp, can improve the blood circulation of the scalp. Furthermore, the sulfur content of onion also helps in improving the collagen tissue production. This is necessary for the continuous growth of the hair.

As we all know, the hair grows from the hair follicles of the scalp. That being said, increase the blood supply brings better nourishment and nutrients to the follicles that promote hair growth. Additionally, the sulfur content from the onion juice also has its anti-bacterial properties which avert the growth of fungi and bacteria in the scalp. Onion extract or juice can also help in increasing the strength of the hair. It helps in preventing the hair from breakage and thinning. You can attain improved volume to your hair by applying onion juice into the scalp.

How to increase hair growth with onion?

Actually, it is very easy and very simple to make onion juice for hair growth. You can use some blenders, food processor, juicer, or grater to extract the onion juice. Yes, that’s the most important thing you need: to extract the juice.

To help you further, here are some of the simple methods of onion in preventing hair loss:

-Onion Juice Hair Rinse. This effective method for hair growth will not cause irritation and tears. You just need to add chopped onions into a one-liter water and let it boil for approximately 10 minutes. After which, allow it to cool and then use it when you rinse your hair

-Adding Onions to your Recipes. You can try to add onions in your daily recipes like in salads. However, this will not take effect faster than the juice.

-A mixture of Rum and Onion Juice. If you don’t like the smell of onions, you can try to mix it with rum. You can mix a chopped onion in a cup of rum and let it stay overnight. The next day, apply it into your scalp or you can use it in rinsing after you wash your hair.

-A concoction of Honey and Onion Juice. You can try to use this solution in two different ways. You can consume it orally or you can massage it on your scalp.


Hair is the crowning Glory of anyone, not just for women. Furthermore, it is part of the personality of anybody. If you worry about excessive hair loss, you are free to try all the necessary things you read here. Choose a method that will give you convenience and do it for about two months.

After which, you will see your hair glowing again. Not just that, it will also become stronger and you will see improvement in the prevention of hair loss. So, when somebody asks you “how to increase hair growth with onion?” you can now answer them based on what you experience yourself.


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