How to Get Rid of Itchy Pimples on the Face

Pimples are actually an accumulation of sweat, dead skin cells, dust and bacteria. Basically, anything and everything that is in and on your skin gets all intermixed and jammed together into a cocktail inside your hair follicles. As the concoction wrestles for position in such confined spaces, the skin becomes irritated and inflamed. As a result, you’ve got pimples, and, being pimples, they’re very likely infected and filled with pus. Itchy pimples on the face can be painful, annoying and drive you crazy. However, if you don’t like the number of itchy pimples you have on your face, there are steps you can take to reduce or even eliminate them completely. Here are some important tips on how to get rid of itchy pimples on your face:

Avoid Harsh Detergents

Avoid using detergents on your skin or to wash your clothes. These harsh chemical and petroleum-based products can wreak havoc on your skin. Instead, visit your local health food store to find castile and plant-based liquid soaps that can be used as a face and body wash, as well as to launder your clothes and linens.

Use Natural Products

To help clear up troublesome itchy pimples, be sure to use only gentle, natural products on your skin. Products with too many chemicals will strip the natural oils from your skin and lead to more clogged pores and acne. The best policy to follow is to use as little as possible on your skin so that it can heal.

Limit Your Sugar Intake

Limiting the amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates that you eat can help you reduce itchy pimples. These foods cause an increase in insulin something called IGF-1, both of which make your body produce an overabundance of male hormones. This encourages your skin to produce a greasy substance that is a breeding ground for acne to form.

Wash Your Clothes Regularly

An important tip to consider when concerning itchy pimples on your back is to make sure that you wash your clothes regularly. Washing your clothing will remove acne-causing oils and dirt from them. This is especially true for any clothing used during a strenuous activity that results in sweating.

Wear a Clean Hat

A great tip that can help prevent you from getting itchy pimples is to make sure any hat you want to wear is clean when you decide to wear it. If you wear the same hat over and over again, you should definitely wash it to get rid of any bacteria that may be on it.

Give Your Skin a Break from Harsh Products.

Don’t try different products on your skin at the same time. This can cause a terrible reaction and can make acne problems worse. Try one product at a time and give it at least 3 weeks to work before trying anything else.

Get Rid of TBacteria

An important tip to consider when treating acne is is to try to lower the number of carbohydrates that you consume on a daily basis. Reducing the number of carbohydrates that you consume may actually lower your acne risk, as nutritionally-deficient foods such as white bread, white rice and potatoes may worsen the problem.

Lastly to avoid itchy pimples, you should change your pillowcase every day. Your pillowcase picks up dirt and oils from your hair, and then your face is in contact with all of that grime for hours a night. Buy some extra pillowcases to have on hand so you don’t have to wash them every day.


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