Importance Of Wearing Organic Clothing

Today there is a serious problem of pollution all over the world and the way we manufacture our clothes is a major cause of pollution. At the same time, fast fashion has encountered several kinds of issues. That is the reason why nowadays people prefer organic clothing over fast fashion. Several kinds of fashion are available that people can implement over fast fashion such as:

  • Fair Trade Fashion: Fair Trade Fashion is a kind of fashion mainly concentrates on the working condition of the workers.


  • Slow fashion: Slow fashion is another kind of fashion that is directly opposed to fast fashion. In this kind of fashion, garments are manufactured keeping the longevity and quality of the clothes in mind. This kind of fashion put less stress on the workers and the environment. Since high-quality materials are used in this fashion it is obvious that the clothes of these kinds of fashion last long.


  • Ethical fashion: This kind of fashion is a combination of Fair Trade fashion as well as sustainable fashion. Apart from the environmental effect it also focuses on social effect. Hence it also takes into account how the condition of the worker can be improved.


  • Sustainable Fashion: Sustainable fashion is also called eco-fashion. It mainly concentrates on the environmental effect of clothing. Thus while manufacturing sustainable clothing it focuses on how the use of different materials can put a negative impact on the environment.

Kinds of materials used in manufacturing organic clothes

The following are some common materials that are used in organic clothing:

  • Linen: Linen is manufactured from flax which usually needs less quantity of water, fertilizer, and pesticides than what is required in the case of cotton. Organic clothes that are manufactured with linen also need less amount of energy and the greatest advantage is that these clothes can be easily recycled.


  • Hemp: Hemp is a type of crop that can be grown without the necessity of much fertilizers or pesticides. Apart from that, you can also produce a huge amount of fabric with hemp and the garment that you manufacture with hemp is much more comfortable than that of normal fast fashion clothing.


  • Organic Wool: It is a common trend of using the manure of the animal for nourishing the soil. Moreover, the toxic pesticide is also used in some sheep farms on the pastures. This poses a treat on the sheep due to the toxic dips. But in organic sheep farming, no chemicals can be used and as a result, both the sheep and pasture can easily remain healthy.


  • Silk: Silk is another natural fabric and silk is usually produced from a caterpillar which is also called silkworms. Silk is generally extracted from the silkworm naturally when it dies. The silk manufactured in this way is very light-weight as well as durable. That is the reason why silk is mostly used in manufacturing organic clothes.


  • Bamboo: Bamboo is a fast-growing plant and in growing this kind of plant neither any kind of pesticides nor any toxic chemicals are used. Hence, if you manufacture clothing with bamboo then it can be toxic-free.


Advantage of wearing organic clothes

The following are some advantages of wearing organic clothing:

  • Environmental friendly: Organic clothing is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. At the time of manufacturing the organic clothes no kind of toxic chemicals or fertilizers or artificial colors are used or even if it is used then in as little quantity as possible. Hence if you wear organic clothes you will hardly experience any allergies related issues or skin diseases.


  • Safety standard: All the manufacturers of the organic materials need to go through the strict manufacturing standard at the time of manufacturing the organic clothing. These safety standards hugely minimize the negative impact of the environment and hence with the help of it you can get the best customer values.


  • No expenses on medical-related problems: No manufacturer is allowed to use any kind of dangerous chemicals, pesticides, insect killer or poisonous material in the manufacture of organic clothing. That is the reason why the user does not get any type of disease in wearing organic clothes. Nowadays the medical treatment has become very costly and wearing organic can certainly save your hospital expense or surgical treatment. Moreover, in the process of manufacturing the organic clothing life of farmers can also be saved since they generally do not require exposure to any type of hazardous pesticides and chemicals.


Thus you can see that just by wearing organic clothing you can help the environment to become pollution-free to a great extent. If the materials that are used in the manufacture of our clothes are toxic-free it is obvious that it will be better for our health as well as the environment. Hence we all should start wearing organic clothing.


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