Thrift Store Fashion Tips for Finding Hidden Gems

Personal style has little to do with money. Most of the best-dressed people do not spend too much money on clothes. Buying good looking clothes and saving money is achievable. Take advantage of thrift stores and experience the best fashion at an affordable price. Even if you have the ability to buy new clothes, there are affordable gems in a thrift store that you cannot find anywhere else. 

You can start by finding some online help at fashion sites like this. They help identify some thrift stores near you as well as offering thrift store buying tips. Not only are thrift store purchases pocket-friendly, but they are also eco-friendly since the clothes are secondhand which encourages recycling. To spare some shopping time you can ensure dinner to the multicooker, buy homework, and let some dust to lay at furniture. Here are a few tips on how to get hidden vintage gems in a thrift store:

If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, thrift shopping can be overwhelming and intimidating. You probably know people who always seem to find hidden gems at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and other such places. You, on the other hand, always find t-shirts from the early 2000s and windbreakers.

Understand the Benefits of Thrift Shopping

It can take you some time to figure out how to find amazing thrift store fashion, but with the right tips, you can shorten the learning significantly. First, you need to determine why thrift shopping is good. You may think that people overrate this type of shopping, or that they have to do it because of their financial situation. Actually, thrift sopping comes with many benefits that extend beyond the shopper, including:

  • It can help you discover and establish a new sense of style.
  • It is good for the world because some huge fashion brands use cheap labor and materials to produce the season’s fashion trends. This means that the current fashion will last for a couple of seasons before hitting the landfill.
  • It allows people to do sustainable shopping irrespective of their budget.
  • It puts money back into the community, for example, the money you spend at the Salvation Army will help needy people in your community.
  • It saves you tons of money that you can use for other purposes.

Some of the best tips for thrift shopping include:

Find the Best Location

Finding the best location is the most important factor to consider. According to seasoned thrift shoppers, wealthy neighbourhoods have good thrift shops with lots to offer. Although this might be the case, less wealthy neighbourhood have better diversity and affordable prices. You can get better designer pieces from these stores than from secondhand clothes at the Gap.

Asses the Fabrics

Looking at everything on the rack can be overwhelming. Seasoned shoppers at a thrift store reduce the time consumed by assessing the prints and fabrics. You can touch and feel the fabrics and only pull out the ones that please you. If your fashion sense leans towards quality and vintage clothes, natural fabrics such as leathers, 100 percent cottons, and silk are good for you.

Sample Everything

Most people do not take the time to go through all the items on the rack. To find great treasure in a thrift store, you have to go through everything. Shopping in a thrift store can get competitive and you can end up leaving a hidden gem because you did not search thoroughly. Free up the rest of the afternoon to spend enough time in the store to get the most cost-effective experience. Do not forget to look through the racks outside the dressing room. There could be some treasure there.

Timing is Crucial

Going to the store as many times as possible is the secret to get good fashionable clothes. Frequency ensures you get the latest finds the store has to offer. In addition, going early when the store opens ensures you have ample time to sample the clothes. This also lets you shop in peace without distractions that come with overcrowding.

Try Other Sections

If you are a woman, do not shy away from the kids or men’s sections. Unlike many conventional stores, some thrift stores have clothes in the wrong sections. In addition, people may try hiding some good gems in those sections or randomly discard them there. Depending on your size, you can find the right size of clothes in these sections too.

Get the Inside Skinny

Experienced thrift shoppers understand that discounts are bigger when you have the inside scoop. Promotions and special sales through text alerts, newsletters, and store apps give information about huge discounts. If you are visiting a particular thrift store for the first time, look for discount signage or ask about special promotions and specials.

The thrill of finding these eco-friendly, fashionable, and cheap clothes can carry you away. You may end up buying many clothes because they are cheap but in the end, you do not need. Ensure you accumulate clothes that you like and will wear. The fact that the deal is great does not mean it belongs to you.


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