5 Global Trends That Will Affect Mental Health in 2020

The world is now facing too many problems and has been affecting individuals not just physically and emotionally, but also mentally. Mental health issues are rampant these days since the world is getting cruel and lacks harmony. Social relationships, education, family and work have become stressful to most people today and these are the main causes of mental health sickness.

The year 2020 has been tough for all of us, from the bushfire in Australia to the present worldwide pandemic. The whole world is shaken and in complete fear by these disasters, and the worst-case scenario, more people have been diagnosed with mental disorders. To be mentally healthy is very important in this judgemental and discriminating world.

What is mental health?

Mental health includes a person’s social, emotional and psychological well-being. It impacts how we act, feel and think. It also helps us decide how to overcome stress, how to socialize with others and make choices. It is a vital stage of one’s life from childhood to adulthood.

If you have mental health illness it will affect your behavior, mood and your level of thinking and many factors affecting a person’s mental health. Such as:

  • Self-esteem
  • Feeling loved
  • Family break up or loss
  • Confidence
  • Difficult behavior
  • Physical ill-health
  • Abuse

The start of 2020 is not good for all people in the world and experts have said that global trends will impact people’s mental health globally.


As the coronavirus spreads all over the world like a wildfire, it causes stress and fear to individuals which is a normal reaction of a normal individual. How to manage to adjust to the stressful situation is a concern of the many. Cooperation is one of the best solutions to overcome this crisis. The WHO is monitoring the effects of the present pandemic outbreak to mental health, while providing information to the government and the public. Social-distancing is strictly implemented and checking on each other is important via video chat or call to ease someone’s loneliness. Personal anxieties and fear should be taken seriously because it may lead to more serious mental health illnesses. The children and the elderly people are those t high risk of experiencing mental health issue in this outbreak

The impact of COVID-19 on children and elderly people

Children are likely to suffer from anxiety and fear like adults. They might be scared of their death or their loved ones. Schools are closed to observe social distancing and prevent the spread of coronavirus so they might not have a sense of structure and stimulation anymore.

The elderly people are more vulnerable to COVID-19, knowing that they are at high risk of getting infected. It is very frightening to them because they will die easily once infected.

Authenticity is king

Online shopping has become a trend these days with the convenience of e-commerce. People can enjoy shopping in the comfort of their homes which is time-saving and cost-saving. Shoppers can pay online and avoid fees by using online payment. They can search for their preferred products and they will be provided with hundreds of options with different quality, structure, and prices. It makes people spend lavishly because they think they can save more money by shopping online.Some  online shopaholics were confirmed and spend their money on something they don’t need. People feel happy when they purchase what they want, but may bring them stress if they become impulsive buyers.

Social division and conflict

We are all victims of sociological or psychological conditioning, instead of becoming ourselves, we tend to become something.  We become someone who belongs to a nation, shares its value and tradition. It conditions our minds that we are different from the others and forget to act who we are.  It is not healthy for our mental health because you cannot express your own identity.

Peak globalization

It is a theoretical point in which global economies stop growing. Once the economy is on its downfall it is likely to call social problems such as recession, when people lose their jobs. When people are unemployed they have no source of living to sustain their daily needs. They are likely to suffer from hunger and may lead to depression. Later on, they might commit a crime such as stealing to survive.


Technology is more advancing in 2020 and it can make everything almost possible and make people live in convenience. A technophile person is someone who is into modern technology. We are now living in a high-tech society and most of the things around us are run by technology. We rely too much on machines and we often refuse to do physical work. This will make people think that they cannot live without technology.


The year 2020 has witnessed a lot of changes, both positive and negative ones. The mental health of individuals is greatly impacted and often leads to bad results. As long as people can manage to adapt with changes it will have less effect on them, especially mentally.

For you, what influence global trends have on mental health in 2020? Do you think these trends bring harm to people’s mental health? We would like to hear your opinion, feel free to reach us.


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