International Beauty Tips that Will Change Your Beauty Game

Beauty is something that draws all of us in. Not only do we like to look at pretty things, but we crave to be irresistible ourselves, to care for our unique appearance and bring out our best features. While the standards of what’s considered attractive might vary from place to place, simple, natural beauty is still universally appealing and most countries have their own ideas about how to enhance it. If you’re eager to learn a few tricks and find new ways to make yourself totally alluring, then we’ve got a little treat for you.

Get ready to learn some really cool makeup, skincare, and hair care tips and secrets from other cultures and you can start using them in your own beauty routine every day!

Dubai: Feathered-out brows

Middle-Easterners love makeup looks that involve thick eyebrows, but rather than going through the whole hassle of carefully carving out those Instagram caterpillars, they’re simply embracing the natural look. No more need for really dark pencils and pomades, all you need is a tinted brow gel—pick something that matches your natural color, brush them up slightly, and voila! Naturally sexy brows that never look overdone.

Sweden: Greige lips

Nude lips will always be popular because they’re very easy to wear and look good on pretty much anyone as long as you pick the right shade for your skin tone. However, Sweden is taking it a step further, and instead of barely-there pink and peachy tones, they’re putting a slightly edgier twist on it. Greige is the ultimate trend, and there’s nothing like a good lipstick in this shade to make you look chic, yet still totally natural. The grey-beige mix can lean more towards brown, but it can also be mauve, so you can still find a shade that suits your complexion well. If you’re afraid it might make you look too washed-out, try pairing it with a colorful eyeshadow look to bring some liveliness to your face.

UK: Botox hairline

While it might seem a little strange at first, getting injections for your scalp could actually make a life-changing difference for a lot of gals. Sweaty, greasy hair making your updo look flat only an hour after leaving the house? Well, the trick behind Botox along your hairline is that it can prevent sweat, so if your fringe tends to stick to your forehead whenever you go out for a run, this could be a great solution. Botox is already used to prevent armpits, feet, and palms from excessive sweating, so this popular cosmetic treatment can really make your life easier.

Australia: Lush skin

Unsurprisingly, Aussie ladies are the absolute queens of skincare. Their constant exposure to sunny weather means they’re super serious about hydration and sun protection, but their daily routines are surprisingly minimalist. As long as you invest in good moisturising skincare products and high-SPF lotions you won’t have to worry about having a bad complexion. Here’s the trick, though—you’ve got to use them every day. Consistency is the key, and if you really want to keep wrinkles at bay, regular sunscreen use is particularly important.

Japan: Dollface

If Australia loves being tan, Japan is all about that porcelain skin. If you’re a pale princess, feel free to embrace it because doll-like looks are super popular. The trick here is to have your skin look dewy and clear, so anti-blemish solutions like tea tree oil and salicylic acid are really useful. Dab a little bit of it on inflamed zits and let it sit overnight and you should be waking up with your breakout significantly diminished. In the morning, you can use mascara and run some white eye pencil along your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger, and then drape blush over your cheekbones to complete the look.

France: Anti-contouring

France seems to be a bit tired of any sort of heavy makeup, particularly contouring. Instead of dark stripes on your cheeks that are meant to make your face look really narrow, try using the strobing” technique. Basically, instead of putting shadows on your face, focus only on emphasizing the high points and your best features. Use liquid highlighter for the most natural finish, and dab a little of it on the very top of your cheekbones, your nose, and along your brow bone. You’ll look glowy, and as long as you keep the rest of your makeup minimal, it’ll come off very natural and gorgeous.

South Korea: Permed hair

If you’ve got thin hair that can’t hold a curl to save your life, then you might enjoy getting a perm. This South Korean trend is really popular among gals who wish to have curly hair that looks big and voluminous, and it could be a great way to give your flat strands a bit more texture. If curls are too much you can always go for more natural waves, but make sure your hair is soft and cared-for before committing to a perm.

Thailand: Snail facial

While in Thailand they utilize actual snails in some salons, you really don’t have to take it that far. Snail mucus has a ton of skincare benefits and can really rejuvenate your whole complexion, but the best way to utilize it in your routine is to get a good serum. Apply to a cleansed face before your moisturizer, and you’ll be glowing in the morning.

India: Thick, strong hair

There is a very long tradition of hair care in India, and one of their favorite ways to get smooth, luscious strands is a hot oil treatment. Basically, all you need are a few oils: a mix of argan, coconut, and olive oil works really well. Pour it into a bowl, and then place this into a microwave to warm it up (be careful, you don’t want the oils to be too hot to touch). Once this is done, it’s time for magic—use the oils to do a deep massage by rubbing them gently all over your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Spread the rest of the mixture down your strands, then put a shower cap over it and leave it to sit for about two hours (or overnight). When you wake up and wash your hair, it’ll be incredibly soft and nourished.

What are your favorite tips? Pick a few that call your name, and use them to update your beauty game to a whole new level!


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