Military Workouts for Beginners

If you’ve been planning to join the Military or want to train yourself like a Militant, then you are at the right place. Many people want to become strong and healthy; however, they don’t know the basics of developing a routine of having a fit and strong body. If you are just a beginner, following Workout plan will help you to achieve that strong and fit militant body.

About 60% of men and women who want to train themselves like military personals, have to lose their weight as to achieve the desired body, they have to lose body fat, and most of them don’t want to lose their body weight as it requires hard work. Over 60% of them end up giving up. If we talk about the recent data, most of the people who have applied for the Military training were failed due to not matching the standards of height, weight and body-fat. Before you start the exercise or workout, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of the Military Workouts since you are just a beginner.

Typically, losing weight and achieving the body of a militant is very challenging for the people who have not gone to the gym ever. Military Workouts are different from the regular gym workouts which require great stamina. People who are overweight don’t meet body weight standards, and they have to lose their weight and maintain it correctly for the training. Here, we are going to list down the most basic Military Workouts for the Beginners. If you haven’t tried these exercises, this is the right time to start your training.

The following exercises are very effective, and by performing them regularly, you would see the desired results in just a few days. So start implementing them from today and train your body like a strong man.

Here are 6 Tips for Military Workouts:-

1. Stretching

Body Stretching is essential for every beginner who is going to start military training or any exercises. If you don’t stretch your body before working out, you will have to go through extreme body pain from the next day. Your muscles need to be relaxed to help them achieve those breakouts during the workout.

You should do stretching for 10 to 15 minutes daily, in the morning and the evening. It should be done twice a day, and you will be regulated with the routine exercises.

2. Warm-up your Body

After Stretching out, you have to warm up your body so it can get ready for the exercises. You can go for jumping jacks, fast walking, and cycling. Jumping rope for 3 to 4 minutes will also warm up your body quickly, and you can start performing the main exercises after that. Once your body is warmed up, start stretching the joints of your body such as legs, hands, lower back, etc.

3. Drink plenty of water during the workout

Since you have just started the training, you need to take extra care of your body first. Your body and the cells will change and to match up the changes, you have to add extra water to the diet. Don’t forget to sip water after finishing the workout. Drink plenty of it during the exercises to keep your body hydrated. Water also helps your body to burn extra pounds. In fact, experts also recommend you to drink water while working out.

4. Start with Walking and Slow Running

To improve your body stamina, you have to start with simple walking. This is the most effective exercise to increase your body stamina. You have to start with regular walking and then slow running. If you are good with it, you can go with running. Your trainer would guide you properly with it. Don’t forget to drink water during the workout. You have to try a safe running program you comfortable with! Don’t go in a hurry as it might be dangerous for your health. You need to maintain the schedule well and increase the running speed gradually.

5. Add Push-ups and Crunches

Once you are good with basic workouts in the first week, go with the regular exercises. Since you are a beginner; you have to add Push-ups and Crunches to your schedule. Start with 10-10 Push-ups and Crunches with three sets. Take rest of 10 seconds in between each exercise and complete the workout. Drink water after the exercise.

6. Lift up some weight

Lift up some weight

Once your body is ready for the training and military workouts, you should start lifting up the dumbbells. Your trainer would guide you properly with weightlifting training. It requires extra care while working out with weights. You should start with low weight dumbbells with 10-15 repetitions. There is plenty of exercises which you can do for the biceps, triceps, back, legs and other body parts. Don’t try to lift above your limits. Do it regularly and increase the weight gradually.


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