Oral Health Benefits Of Miswak: Is It Good?


Are you afraid of having teeth cavities, which don’t allow you from eating your favorite desserts? Or are you having a hard time dealing with your sensitive teeth? Actually, there are a lot more tooth-related conditions which keep you off from doing the things you love, like of course, eating. The good thing, with a regular checkup with your dentist, will help you get rid of this sudden conditions. However, if you don’t want to go to your dentist, you can opt to do some of the natural things to guard your oral health. For example, the usual brushing of the teeth, and some other oral hygiene. Not only that, you can also do it in an exotic and unique way, if you want to. How? With the use of the miswak. Yes, you can use it instead of your regular toothpaste brand. And don’t worry, it is very safe and effective. Furthermore, the oral health benefits of miswak are extremely good and surprising.

To know more about these amazing stick, continue reading on.

What is Miswak?

Miswak, actually is a chewing stick from the Salvadora persica tree and is mainly for teeth cleaning. The miswak is, in fact, available almost everywhere, it has antibacterial properties which you can use in lieu of toothpaste and toothbrush. Furthermore, this stick is associated with a lot of medical use and benefits and it also helps in preventing the formation of dental plaque.

The common name of miswak are siwak, sewak, and miswaak. In Arabic, it is arak, in Japanese, it is koyoji, in Hebrew, it is qesam, and in Latin it is mastic. Regardless of its name and place of origin, truly, the miswak stick is very beneficial.

Scientific Research on Miswak

In various studies conducted by the World Health Organization and some other independent health organizations, those people who use miswak regularly, have much lesser dental care needs than those who use powders and toothpaste for their oral health.

The research then establishes that the use of miswak regularly has a positive effect on the gingival disease. Furthermore, it also acts as a protector of some gum diseases like Porphyromonas gingivalis. Another study also states that when you use miswak as an aide to a toothbrush, it will be a great help in improving the gingival health and plaque score.

Aside from this, the use of miswak regularly has a lot more benefits that you’ll know shortly.

Active Ingredients in Miswak

Maybe you are asking what is in this amazing stick that it has a lot of amazing benefits. Actually, the answer on this question is its active components. While most of the oral disinfectants like mouthwash, toothpaste and tooth powders are made of silica, the miswak has 19 active ingredients which strongly promotes stronger teeth and this is while it maintains the oral health.

Here are some of the active ingredients present in miswak which helps in making the teeth strong:

-Essential Oils –this imparts a mild taste and fragrance in miswak. Furthermore, it also stimulates the production of saliva and is beneficial in relieving flatulence.

-Small amounts of Flavonoids, Sterols, and Saponins.

-Tannins –this mainly functions as a natural astringent. Moreover, it also stimulates premolar production of saliva.

-Resins –this forms a protective layer on the enamel to help in preventing the formation of caries.

-Vitamin C


-Chloride, Calcium, and Fluoride –these are important in taking care of the oral health.

-Silica –this acts as a natural abrasive and helps in removing a stain.

-Alkaloid –this has an antibacterial effect on the mouth.

Oral Health Benefits of Miswak

Here are the top oral health benefits of miswak:

It fights harmful germs and bacteria. You can use miswak in treating or getting rid of the germs and bacteria in the mouth. Furthermore, it also helps in treating some painful conditions which may affect the gums and the jaw bone.

It helps in fighting cavities and tooth decay. Miswak helps in increasing the formation of saliva in the mouth which is a must in fighting off tooth decay. Furthermore, it also helps in strengthening the teeth enamels, hence it is beneficial in getting rid of cavities. This is one of the best oral health benefits of miswak.

It protects and strengthens the gums. Regular use of miswak helps in giving extra protection and strength to the gums. This will then make the teeth much stronger and you will feel no pain when eating cold foods.

It gets rid of the malodor. Bad breath or malodor is an indicator that one is suffering from a lot of dental issues. You can use miswak to treat this, the mild fragrance of the twig helps in making the mouth smell good.

It helps protect against plaque and tartar. Brushing is the easiest way to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. Instead of using toothpaste, you can use miswak. This will help in preventing the accumulation of bacteria.


Miswak truly is wonderful, its effect on the oral health is extremely good and amazing. You will never go wrong with this. The oral health benefits of miswak are extremely amazing too. So, if you are getting tired of using your usual toothbrush every day, you can opt to this amazing stick. Make your own oral health amazing again.


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