Top 9 Most Effective Home Remedies for Cavities


Are you suffering from a painful toothache? Various conditions related to the teeth are very painful and hard to deal with, however, cavities might be the worst of all.  It can make your day-to-day activities a hell. So, it is best that you know the various home remedies for cavities. This is not just to cure the condition but also to relieve the pain that you feel.

Read on to know more about cavities and know different things on how to deal with it by yourself.

What are Cavities?

Cavities are the small holes that occur in the teeth as a result of tooth decay. It happens because there is a lack of dental hygiene and the development of plaque and various bacteria. The condition can also be caused by the deficiency in certain minerals in your diet.

In addition, the cavities in the teeth may become protruding, the tooth decay’s onset is also being characterized by the presence of the black spots in these cavities. There are times that despite all the efforts, care and precautions, one might still get affected by tooth decay, which can ultimately lead to the development of cavities. In this case, you can opt to try some home remedies for cavities to get rid of it and make your oral health at its best state.

What Causes Cavities?

Caries or dental cavities are often caused by the bacteria on the teeth surface which creates acid out of sugars. The Streptococcus mutans is the most common culprit of these cavities in the teeth. Furthermore, these bacteria form a sticky film that we know as plaque.

The acids in the plaque remove the minerals from the enamel of the teeth. The enamel is mainly made of calcium and phosphate, which makes it strong. What causes the tiny holes in the teeth is the erosion of the nutrients in the teeth. Once the acid damage spreads in the dentin, the cavity forms.

Risk Factors for Cavities

Here are some of the risk factors of cavities that you might avoid doing:

-Infant feeding at bedtime.

-Inadequate cleaning of the teeth.

-Heartburn due to an acidic reaction.

-Frequent eating of sugary foods or drinks like cereals, ice creams, and soda.

-Eating sweet foods like candies and chocolates.

-Having a medical condition or dry mouth that reduces the saliva in the mouth.

Once the cavities have already penetrated in the dentin, it is hard to get free from it at home. You must consult your dentist once in a while to prevent further complications on your teeth and overall oral health.

Home Remedies for Cavities

Here are some of the best home remedies for cavities that you can use to relieve your worries and fears about this certain condition:

Bone Broth. Since it is rich in various minerals and vitamins, it is beneficial in improving the digestive system and strengthens the nail, hair, skin, including the teeth. Furthermore, its rich calcium content is also good for the teeth.

Mouthwash with fluoride. This method is good in demineralizing the teeth. This is since lack of minerals may cause the buildup of cavities in the teeth.

Saltwater. This most probably the most common home remedy for any tooth condition or illness. This method helps in keeping the mouth clean. Furthermore, it also keeps the mouth free from bacteria and removes the cavities. This happens because the salt solution balances the acidic pH that is caused by the tooth cavity.

Tea. It helps in reducing the production of plaque in the teeth. Furthermore, it also kills germs.

Garlic. The antifungal and antimicrobial properties of the garlic help in getting rid of cavities. Furthermore, it also helps in relieving the pain in the mouth.

Lemon. With its rich source of vitamin C, lemon juice helps in killing the germs in the teeth and help in easing the pain caused by cavities.

Vegetable oil. Some also call this method, oil pulling. This is effective in relieving pain and removing the tooth infection. The swishing action of it helps in pulling the bacteria and let them trap in the oil.

Rock salt. The rock salt just like the salt water solution helps in balancing the levels of pH in the teeth which then kills the bacteria in it.

Vanilla essence.  If in its pure form, it is an effective remedy you can use to relieve the symptoms of a cavity.


Maintaining the oral health is very important. Most especially when you are facing a lot of people every day and interact with them. You must take care of your teeth not just to look great to others but mostly for yourself. You must be very cautious about the foods you eat since it might cause some tooth-related conditions.

If it happens that you acquire black spots on your treat, try using some home remedies for cavities to relieve your condition and get rid of it. These are all very effective and you’ll never go wrong with it.


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