Benefits of Salt for the Health

Table salt or what we call salt is a natural mineral that is made up of white cube-shaped crystals which are composed of sodium and chlorine. Basically, salt is a chemical compound that has a chemical formula of NaCl. It consists 40 percent of sodium and 60 percent of chlorine. Naturally, salt is found in sea waters and it accounts about 3.5 percent of the world’s ocean. Not only that it is important in the sea, the benefits of salt is also present to us, humans.

All about Salt

When a certain area of the sea water is enclosed, the water contained in it evaporates. This will then leave behind large crystals that become the salt. Initially, saltly is translucent, colorless, and odorless. Furthermore, it also has a characteristic and distinct taste. However, the presence of minerals and impurities conveys different colors to the salt. Such colors include, pink, red, grey, black, and brown.

Salt is basically obtained by two key methods, evaporation from the sea water and mining it directly from the earth. Salts and table salts are mainly used for industrial purposes and are acquired by means of mining. On the other hand, gourmet salts are acquired by means of evaporating the sea water.

The salt we consume at home is generally the table salt, iodized salt, and the sea salt. This is probably one of the oldest seasonings we have here on earth. Furthermore, you can also use it in preserving different types of food. Moreover, it is also used for some other culinary purposes like dyeing, tanning, pottery glazing, bleaching, and much more. Nowadays, many chemical industries uses it as a water softening.

Types of Salt

There are a lot of varieties that the salt has. All of which have different uses and types of crystals. Here are some of the common varieties of salt:

Rock salt. This salt has a discrete crystal shape and is mainly for deicing purposes. Moreover, it is mainly used in ice creams since it helps in bringing down its freezing point.

Black salt. This salt is actually tanned and has a sulfuric flavor because of its purified lava flavor.

Maldon sea salt. This is a British finishing salt that is quite similar to the fleur de sel. Moreover, can be acquired by boiling the sea water. The salt is comprised of delicate crystals in a pyramid shape and it also has a delicate and light flavor.

Iodized salt. Basically, this is the table salt which has additives on it, like iodine. Furthermore, some consider this to be beneficial especially for those thyroid patients.

Sel Gris. This salt is gray in color and is native to France.

Kosher salt. This salt is free of additives and is mainly made by compacting the granular salt. Some prefer this type of salt in their dishes because it has a soft flavor.

Overall Health Benefits of Salt

Salt is really needed by us humans, this is because it helps in controlling the fluid balance and the nerve and muscle works. The body automatically regulates the presence of the sodium and salt. The feeling of excessive thirst is an indication that there is a high-level elimination of salt in the kidneys. Furthermore, it is also beneficial in some other parts of the body. Here are some of the overall health benefits of salt:

Helps treat diabetes. Those who are diabetic and prone to diabetes because it helps in reducing the need for insulin.

Aids in digestion. If you consume sea salt, it helps in aiding in the digestive process. This is by stimulating the salivary glands and helping the body to create digestive juices.

Helps in losing weight. It helps in preventing the water retention and also digestion.

Cures depression. Salt is beneficial in treating depression by producing the serotonin and melatonin hormones.

Treats respiratory problems. In case of respiratory conditions like asthma, salt can be a great help. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the inflammation in the respiratory system.

Tones the skin. Salt is beneficial in toning the skin. This is by means of reducing the facial oiliness.

Treats acne. The sulfur content of the salt helps in synthesizing oxygen and the calcium content of it also helps in cleaning the pores.

Has healing properties. This bath helps in relieving dry and itchy skin. Furthermore, it also helps in treating various skin conditions.

Helps in detoxification. Bath salt helps in detoxifying the skin, the warmness of it opens up the skin pores and allowing the minerals to sink into the skin.

Softens the hair. Sea salt helps in making the hair soft. This is because of the minerals that are in it.


Truly, salt isn’t just a condiment that you can use if you want to cook. The benefits of salt are spectacular as well so you’ll never go wrong using it. However, you must consume it in moderation. Because just like any other substances or foods that we take, too much of something can cause a negative side effect.


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