The Best Natural Ways in Getting Rid of Acne


Acne is one of the most embarrassing and annoying everyone has to deal with sometimes. In some regions, acne or zits appear to arise out of nowhere. However, there are natural ways of getting rid of acne.


Before we define what acne is, let’s first define what pimples are. Pimples are small comedones, papules or pustules that forms a skin bump making its surface rough. Acne is actually a broader term than pimples.  It is a skin disease that involves sebum (skin oil), bacteria, and keratinization (shedding dead skin cells).  This can range from very slight acne comprising of commonly blackheads, to serious cystic acne.

There are a lot of causes of acne. However, the main reason for the development of a pimple is the clogging of the sebaceous glands. Bacterial infection is also one of the factors in acne development. This is why pimples become red and swell up.

Most acne pops up in the face area, but the upper back, chest, shoulders, and neck can be affected too. Research has stated that acne can cause a damaging and even emotional distress, most especially to teenagers. This is because they cannot take the stress of getting acne while already being stressed with schoolwork and peer’s acceptance.

If acne is not treated, it can cause scarring. Scarring is most likely to happen when the skin is swollen, reddish, painful and inflamed. Some example of scarring are nodules and cystic acne. This kind of acne is serious and can penetrate the skin deeply, causing a huge damage to it.


Change diet plan –removing sugar from your diet is actually a good idea. You should replace soda or beverages rich in sugar with plenty of water. Omega-3 –rich foods can also make a big difference. Taking plenty of water is good in hydrating your skin. And, hydrated skin delivers the right moisture the skin needs.

Get enough sleep –sleeping is one of the finest natural ways in relieving stress. Knowing stress is a big factor in having pimples. While sleeping, pimples naturally heal itself. Getting enough sleep can help in reducing acne-triggered stress.

Exfoliate and Cleanse –a clean skin is essential to have a pimple-free face and body. You should ensure that your exfoliating and cleansing method are right and gentle.

Exercise daily –doing exercise doesn’t just help you get fit. It can also contribute to reducing acne-prone skin frustration. Exercise provides stress relief while pumping the blood to send oxygen to the skin cells. This helps in removing dead cells in the body.


There are many natural ways of getting rid of acne or pimples. Some of which are the essential oils for acne that you can use at home.

Rosemary Essential Oil -This essential oil is commonly used to treat inflamed skin and acne. It helps reduce bacteria using its anti-bacterial effect.

Tea Tree Oil -It is an essential oil for acne that has microbial properties which help in fighting acne-causing bacteria. Moreover, if you mix it with some coconut oil, there is a high tendency that your acne will be lessened.

Apricot Seed Oil -The anti-microbial and phytonutrients present in the apricot essential oil help minimize pimples resulting to a glowing skin.

Coconut Oil -We all know that coconut can be useful in about just anything. Even with minimizing acne, it is helpful. There are some properties of coconut oil that helps remove pimple-causing bacteria.

Lavender Essential Oil -This essential oil doesn’t just only help in minimizing the acne. Because of its amazing aroma, your body can also be relaxed and be calmed.

Frankincense Essential Oil -This essential oil for acne has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, this can be suitable for any skin type even with acne-prone skin.

Hemp Seed Oil -This is one of the best options if you want natural ways in getting rid of acne. This is mainly because it doesn’t clog your pores. Moreover, it reduces the size of your pores by removing blackheads.

Castor Oil -It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can make skin healing faster. This can be a perfect choice in getting rid of acne since it gives the skin additional moisture.


Everyone doesn’t have the same acne, however, there are some solutions to having an acne-free skin. From the stress in work or school, the food you eat, and the acne solution products you use. It takes time to know what really affects you that may be because of acne.

It is important that you look for natural solutions on how to get rid of your pimples aside from the conventional and expensive treatments. Moreover, having enough amount of sleep, exercising daily, cleansing and exfoliating, changing your diet plan, and trying out essential oils. These are all natural ways to remove acne safer and less expensive.




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