Oregano Leaves For Cough: Is This Effective?

Oregano is kind of herbal that not only for cooking but it is also good for curing cough. It is a natural remedy for different mild sickness from coughs to colds, to digestive problems, to pains and aches. If you have a cough and wish to try a natural solution, you can use oregano leaves to assist with your symptoms. Oregano leaves for cough is already present even before -our ancestor uses this already for their children when having cough. This is very effective and very safe for anyone.

Procedure I – Preparing Oregano Oil

Collect the Oregano Leaves. To create oregano oil, you need to 1st make assured it is completely dry. If there is any a damp spot or excess water, it can source bacteria or mold to grow in your oil. Collect the amount of oregano you`d want for your oil, such 1 or half cup is enough.

Select your Oil. When you create Oregano Oil, you will need a 1 to 1 ratio of oregano to oil. This method will add the same measurement of oil as oregano. If you have a half cup of oregano you need also a half cup of oil. You can use almond oil, grape seed oil or avocado oil.

Smash the Oregano leaves. You should smash the oregano leaves before you add it to the oil to assist it to start dropping its own oils. You can do this in different ways. Then you can cut or tear the leaves with a cutting tool. You can also put the Oregano leaves in a plastic bag and crush it with a rolling pin or mallet. If you have a mortar and pestle or something similar, you can smash the oregano leaves that way, too.

Heat the Oil. Before mixing the oil with the oregano, you need to make it sure it is warm. You can do this by putting it in the microwave oven or transfer the oil in a glass container that sits in boiling water. Just assure that oil is warm, and not to boiling or hot. Heating the oil relief the oil and oregano infuse better. Instead, you can place the container in hot water after you place the oregano inside and tape the container to infuse it. if you do this, leave the container in the hot water for up to ten minutes.

Mix the Oregano. Once you have moderately hot oil, mix the oil and oregano in a sanitized container. Stir it continuously to mix the oregano fully. You can even massage the oregano leaves if you need to help release their oils. Put the lid on the container when the oregano is added.

Soak the oil for less than weeks. The oil needs to soak for less than a week. You need to soak it for at least 2 weeks. You can put the container on a sunny window or doors to let the sunlight warm the oil to help it soak. Make sure to shake the container every other day. Most of the people think letting it soak longer is good for medical treatment. If you want to desire to let it soak longer, keep it soaks for up to 6 weeks but not extend to 6 weeks. It could go harmful.

Separate the Oil. After the oil has soaked for several weeks, you need to separate the oregano from it. Use cheesecloth or a strainer to separate the oil from the oregano. Assure to squeeze out all of the oregano leaves. Put the oil in a dropper or in a sanitized container. Store it in a dark and cool place or even in the refrigerator.

Procedure II- Preparing a Cough Sweet Liquid with Oregano

Collect the Ingredients. To create a natural cough sweet liquid, you need honey, garlic and oregano. You need a half cup of honey, two cloves of garlic and two sprigs of new oregano leaves. You can scope out about 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of oregano alternatively. Oregano, Honey is antimicrobials that assist naturally fight coughs and colds. You can also add a half cup of Onion and 1 piece lemon if you want.

Blister Garlic and Oregano. Blister the oregano and the garlic cloves with half cup of water for 5 minutes.

Mix with Honey. Let the blistering mixture cool for a minute, then transfer it into a cup of honey and combine together then it is ready to serve and drink.

Let it soak for a Night. Another alternate way to make this cough sweet liquid is to let it sit whole night. In a container, put the oregano on the rear end, and then add the garlic, onion and lemon. Spill the water and honey over the ingredients, make it sure that the water covers all the ingredients completely. Transfer the lid to the container so it is airtight, and let it soak overnight. Drain the liquid the following day and drink only the liquid. Put into refrigerator for almost a week. This makes an even more powerful cough syrup because of the onion (if you add onion) and the garlic are powerful and have more medicinal benefit if they are not cooked.


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