Where To Seek Help For Your Addiction

The first step to recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is admitting to yourself that you need help. Once you can conquer that feat, the rest is dedication, persistence, and making sure that you have the right support system. Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be a long and tedious process, but of course, it’s all worth it when you get to live the healthy life you deserve.

Nexus Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center is a facility located in Los Angeles, California. Nexus treats addictions including alcoholism, dual diagnosis, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, and marijuana addiction. Each addiction and patient should be treated on an individual basis because of his or her different backgrounds, struggles, and goals.

The Nexus team consists of counselors, therapists, physicians, and staff who specialise in addiction and substance use disorders. With Nexus’ small clinician-to-patient ratio, each patient gets the attention and support they need to be able to reach sustained sobriety. Some of the treatment tools utilised at the Nexus Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center include family therapy, individual therapy, coordination of psychiatric therapy, group therapy, 12 step groups, life skills coaching, mindfulness, health and fitness coaching, spiritual guidance, group outings, and little brother/big brother programs. The idea behind Nexus’ philosophy is that the devotion to the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of the patient can be treated with a holistic approach. Those admitted into the program need to be onboard from the start, believing that they can achieve recovery with time, support, and motivation.

The Nexus Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center is right for you or a loved one suffering from addiction is you believe in the same core values: integrity, accountability, respect, compassion, and community.

Nexus Recovery Services provide four different programs that are catered to the patients level of support needed, the time needed to be within the treatment facility, and outside life commitments that require flexibility. The four programs include a partial hospitalisation program, an intensive outpatient program, an outpatient program, and an aftercare program.

If this all sounds great to you, you should begin the admittance process today. You can find an outline of what the process entails here. You should expect a phone call consultation where you will be asked basic questions about you or your loved one’s addiction along with if you or your loved one have ever received treatment to date. The recovery advisor will collect your health insurance data so that you can get an idea of how much of the treatment will be covered. If the advisor feels that Nexus isn’t the right fit for your situation, they will be happy to provide you with referrals to a reputable program or one that entails more structured care than you would receive at Nexus.

From the consultation, you or your loved one will be interviewed by a treatment team member. The interview is meant to discover if Nexus will be the best place to help you or your loved one recover. In order for the recovery process to be sustainable, the patient needs to believe in and trust the process. Without that relationship, it will be hard for the patient to overcome resistance they may face towards the program and treatment techniques.

You’re more than welcome to tour the state of the art facilities and figure out for yourself if it’s somewhere you’d like to spend a large chunk of your time. Depending on the program you’d be entered in, you could spend most of your day at Nexus Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, or just a few hours a week. Either way, the program needs to match both parties in order for it to be a good fit.

The last step in the process is developing a treatment plan. At Nexus, the boutique approach makes every treatment option personalized and intimate. Call Nexus today at (888) 855-6877 to begin the recovery process.


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