Invisible Braces Treatment: Perfect Solution for Non-Aligned Teeth

A beautiful smile not only wins hearts but it also makes you more confident to take the world in your stride.  It is for this reason that the perfect Hollywood smile is so much coveted, today. The misaligned or crooked teeth not only disrupt the facial aesthetics but they also make the cleaning of the teeth exceedingly difficult. Periodontal disease can eventually set in if you are unable to clean your mouth properly and this enhances the risk of teeth, gum and bone damage as well as tooth loss.

But thanks to the major advancements in dentistry, anyone can, nowadays, choose a better smile and bid adieu to an unsatisfactory teeth alignment with the effective teeth aligners. A few years ago, the traditional metal braces were used to correct the alignment of the teeth. But now, with the emergence of the modern invisible braces treatment, even the visual stigma and the cleaning hassles attached with the traditional braces can be discarded.

Invisalign is a new revolution in the oral care world that has made teeth straightening a much less-invasive procedure.  Here is a brief overview of the invisible braces and the exclusive perks that they offer.

What are Invisible Braces?

Invisalign or invisible braces are a clear way for teeth straightening. These are a series of removable, customized, nearly invisible containers of plastic known as aligners with the help of which your teeth are gradually moved. The Invisalign braces also facilitate easy flossing, brushing and eating when compared to the metal braces. The best part is that that these are almost invisible clear plastic aligners and people don’t feel any kind of awkwardness as they wear them. That is why more people are preferring these over the metal braces.

Benefits Offered by Invisible Braces

Here are some of the major benefits that these invisible braces offer. Have a Look!

  • Great Aesthetics

The Invisalign or invisible braces are barely visible. Thus, they enhance your facial aesthetics to a great extent. Previously, the metal braces used to make the face look unappealing as they get filled with awkward pieces of metal. They become more conspicuous when food gets caught amidst the braces and the worst part is that wearer is not even aware of it. But the invisible braces are made from the acrylic materials or clear plastic that hardly get noticed. Thus, more people are preferring the clear aligners for their looks, quality and comfort.

  • Eat the Things that You Love

The invisible braces are nothing but a series of clear trays that can be replaced on a daily basis. Each replacement tray in the series has been designed in a way which induces the teeth to move into different positions. Added that, these braces can also be taken out for certain activities like public speaking and eating. In case of the metal braces, you are not able to enjoy all types of food like the sticky ones or those that are too firm. But if the appliance for tooth-straightening is removable then you do not need to care about anything. You can enjoy the foods like healthy nuts, carrots and other crunchy foods, sugar-free gums, a whole wheat bagel and other options that were impossible with the metal braces.

  • Superior Comfort –

The Invisalign or invisible braces are much more convenient and comfortable than that of the metal counterparts. Once the metal braces are attached, they have to remain in the place till they are professionally removed. The Invisalign braces have to be worn for a stipulated time period every day and they can be occasionally removed. Moreover, these modern braces are also constructed of comfortable plastic, unlike the metal ones. Hence the chances of irritation to the gums and cheeks are also minimised.

  • Greater Oral Hygiene – 

During any orthodontic treatment, oral hygiene must be given superior importance. The erstwhile metal braces make the process of cleaning the mouth quite tough. You need powdered toothbrushes and special flosses to accomplish the work. With the Invisalign, this can be achieved easily. You should clean the aligners every day. You should also brush and rinse the teeth and mouth every time after snacking during any time of the day prior to putting the aligners back. Moreover, the Invisalign trays don’t call for brushing around the difficult wires like the traditional braces. Just cleaning your natural teeth is sufficient. This way you can keep at bay the acids and bacteria that invade the mouth throughout the day.

  • Time Duration

The orthodontic treatment with metal braces can take about 5-6 years to show results. But Invisalign lets you achieve it within only a year or maximum one and half year for straightening the teeth.

  • Easy to Maintain

As said earlier, the Invisalign, unlike the metal braces, can be removed easily for brushing and flossing effectively. This helps to maintain the cleanliness and the overall health. Chances of metal allergies are also diminished as these invisible braces are constructed of acrylic. You can also clean them by removing for any occasion and so the cleaning happens to be more thorough.

  • Greater Safety

The gums and the inside of the mouth can be scratched and punctured by the extended metal bits and wire of the metal braces. Added to that, as the metal braces exert a lot of pressure for teeth straightening they also contribute to decay and demineralisation of the teeth. But the clear invisible aligners do not have the sharp protruding edges. Therefore, they are much safer and risk-free. What’s more, the decay and demineralisation issues are also not there with the Invisalign. That is why they involve much less damage to the oral health than that of the traditional braces.

The above are some of the perks that will give you extensive insight about the treatment with the modern invisible dental braces. They help to achieve the look that you have always desired without making you go through any kind of stigma or discomfort that was involved previously in case of the traditional braces. So now you can wear a confident smile on your sleeve whenever you want without any setback.


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