Staggering Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle

If you accidentally touch a stinging nettle plant while roaming around or walking around the garden, you’ll probably be experiencing a sudden and intense pain. Which causes you to feel like there is a needle that prickles into your skin. Even though you might think that this plant is just a simple plant, this is a home for many benefits good for the betterment of the health. Yes, the health benefits of stinging nettle are way true. In fact, there are so many of them.

Moreover, the health benefits of stinging nettle include its ability in taking care of the skin, minimizing the menopausal symptoms, and managing menstruation. Furthermore, it also helps in improving the energy levels and increasing the blood circulation. Also, it is good in boosting the immune system, improving the metabolic efficiency, and detoxifying the body. The stinging nettle also has the ability in protecting the gallbladder and the kidney health. Additionally, it also helps in increasing muscle mass, lowering inflammation, and many more.

Stinging Nettle: What is it?

The stinging nettle is actually a flowering plant that some people consider as an annoying plant. This is since the plant has sharp and stinging leaves. However, for about a thousand years now, there are some people who sue this stinging nettles in treating various illnesses.

Scientifically, the stinging nettle is known as Urtica dioica. Furthermore, the plant, by the way, the way is also one of the six subspecies of the genus, Urtica. The plant is native to the regions of Asia, North America, Europe, as well as Africa. The plant is actually small –in fact, it rarely grows above 5 feet.

The stems and the leaves of the stinging nettle have long hairs capable of stinging, which produces lots of chemicals when it is touched. This will then cause an irritating and prickly feeling in the skin. Probably, this is the reason why some people call this plant the burning nettle.

However, once this plant’s stems and leaves are boiled, its stinging substances will then be neutralized and its real benefits will come out. It is at this time that you’ll be able to indulge in it. Furthermore, some cultures even make a soup out of it to add an extra boost to the meal. The leaves of the stinging nettle are used in brewing teas. This is what creates many of the essential benefits of stinging nettle.

Not only that you can get these benefits in the form of tea, because it may also be in the form of oil. In fact, the stinging nettle oil can be applied to the skin topically. However, you must make sure that you combine it with a carrier oil. this is the stinging nettle oil is very potent.

Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle

Here are some of the best health benefits of stinging nettle:

Helps in protecting the heart health. Research shows that consuming stinging nettle regularly may help in lowering the systolic blood pressure as well as relieving tension, as well as stress on the system.

Helps in relieving inflammation. since the stinging nettle is a rubefacient and stimulant substance, it is effective in treating various conditions like chronic muscle pain and arthritis. Research has also shown that the tea and herbal supplement from the plant are beneficial in treating muscle pain, arthritis, and even gout.

Helps in preventing kidney stones. The stinging nettle is a diuretic, however, it may also have an effect on the kidneys in some various ways. Furthermore, it also has nephritic qualities, making it beneficial in breaking down kidney stones.

Helps in improving circulation. Since the stinging nettle is rich in vitamin C and Iron, it is beneficial in stimulating the red blood cells. Furthermore, it also helps in relieving fatigue or even anemia.

Helps in promoting feminine health. If you are a woman and is experiencing painful premenstrual symptoms, the stinging nettle may be a good help. This is while it also minimizes the blood flow during menstruation period.

Helps in pregnancy. The stinging nettle helps in relieving the painful labor. Furthermore, it also helps in protecting the mother from extreme bleeding. This is since the plant may act as a coagulant. Moreover, it also helps in stimulating the milk production and making the lactation much easier.

Helps in detoxifying the body. Since the stinging nettle is naturally a diuretic. It may help in ensuring that the toxins in the body will be neutralized. Furthermore, it also assures that these neutralized toxins will be eliminated out of the body.

Other Benefits of Stinging Nettle

The supplements made from the stinging nettle plant can also help in reducing various conditions like diarrhea and nausea. Furthermore, it may also go along with treating menopausal effects and of course, menstruation. It may also effectively treat hemorrhoids and ulcers. Truly, this plant is not just an ordinary plant that may sting you, its health benefits are undeniable staggering!


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