Top 6 Surprising Chia Seeds Health Boosting Benefits


Chia seeds are commercialized in the 1970s, and is popularly known as chia pets. This is a perfect addition to any diet plan to fight aging. Chia seed is classified as a superfood (the healthiest foods). Its nutrition value is pretty high and a perfect provider of astounding health. Undeniably, chia seeds health boosting benefits are all perfect for the body.


Chia seed as we all know is somewhat referred to as a superfood. These are tiny seeds that actually looks like a sesame seed. It is part of the mint family and is actually an herb. They usually grow in central and Southern parts of America.

You can eat them whole, ground, soaked or sprouted. If you enjoy cooking in the kitchen, this can give you the unlimited time of having fun. This special type of seed has no flavor and for it to have one, it should absorb it from other ingredients. Once it’s done absorbing the flavor, it turns to a thick slimy gel.


This small but terrible seed has a lot of good benefits in our body. Here are some of which:

Rich Source of Nutrients

-Provide antioxidant against degenerative diseases. Antioxidants play a big role in maintaining our health and well-being. It is very important to include healthy foods rich in antioxidants to avoid being sick. Taking a daily supplement of antioxidant is beneficial to the body. However, taking them is not at all safe. For this reason, chia seed can be a good substitute for an antioxidant supplement.

-Rich in Healthy Fiber. We need fiber to enhance our detoxification, absorption, and digestion. Due to this, chia seeds serve as water absorbers. It functions for the fullness of the body to burn calories slowly to prevent overeating.

Provide Amino Acid. Protein is essential to maintain healthy cells, muscle healing and much more. Chia is one of the best vegetables that are rich in amino acid needed by the body. The protein in the chia seed doesn’t make it special, it is the Amino Acid.

Our body needs protein for many purposes, including muscle healing, cell building, calorie craving prevention, and much more. This is why chia seed is perfect in maintaining a good health.

-Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acid. Some research says that chia seed also contains ALA or Alpha Linolenic Acid which is then converted to DHA and EPA. Chia seed is a good source of Omega 3 but not as effective as the Omega 3 fatty acids from fishes.

List of Amazing nutrients in Chia seed

In 28 grams of chia seed, there are:

-10.6 gram of Fiber which is equal to 42% of RDA

-4.4 gram of Protein which is equal to 9% of RDA

-177 milligram of Calcium which is equal to 18% of RDA

-9.0 gram of Fats

-0.6 milligram of Manganese which is equal to 30% of RDA

-95 milligram of Magnesium which is equal to 30% of RDA

-244 milligram of Phosphorous which is equal to 27% of RDA


Improves Metabolism and Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the top health concern all over the world. In previous years, the increase of health concerns is being, directly and indirectly, related to gaining weight. The ones that are responsible for excessive gain in the weight is the metabolism that has trouble.

Chia seed has been loved by many in the past years because of chia seeds health benefits. Furthermore, one of its best health benefits is helping you lose weight.

One of the factors that make it perfect for losing weight is its fiber content. A 2 teaspoon of chia seed is actually equal to 42 % of the RDA as mentioned above. This means, it can keep you feel full, gratified, and it also helps in slowing the absorption of foods in your digestive system.

Helps in Providing a Complete Benefit to the Heart

Chia seed is very rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy amino and fatty acids. All of these nutrients contribute to a healthier heart health. Moreover, it has the ability to lower the triglycerides, cholesterol, lower blood cholesterol, and reverse inflammation.

Provides Necessary Nutrients for Bone Development

Chia seeds are rich in nutrients necessary for the bone health development and protection. An ounce of chia seed contains 18% of calcium, 35% of Phosphorous, and 30% Magnesium. All of the mentioned nutrients can help develop more resilient bone.

Helps Nourish and Protect Skin

Antioxidants are perfect for lowering the skin inflammation and other damages to the skin. Chia seed can be a good addition to your diet to maintain a healthy skin.

Helps Keeping Digestive System Healthy

Lack of fiber in the diet can cause some health problems. However, the good thing is that Chia seed can help in filling the gap and need for fiber in the diet. The dietary fiber of chia seed helps regulate the bowel movement and healthy stool.


Chia seed is undeniably a surprising seed that can be beneficial in losing weight. The above-mentioned benefits are just some of the many boosting health benefits of Chia seeds. You can freely add your chia seed into your meal without thinking about what your stomach will react to it. It will not just help you in maintaining a healthy body but also helps in becoming fit and sexy.

Aside from the wonder seed, Chia seed, there are a bunch of fruits and vegetables that can make your health in a very good condition. You can find them anywhere even in your house! Just like the cucumbers, carrots, and green beans -these are not just delicious fruits and veggies because all they have amazing health benefits.

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