8 Notable Benefits Of Green Beans

Green beans often called as string beans, or snap beans are very rich in vitamins and minerals. There are a lot more benefits of green beans. Some of these are Vitamin C, K, A, and fiber and folic acid. It has the same nutritional benefits with okra and snap peas.


Green beans are part of the Phaseolus Vulgaris bean family. This vegetable is very popular to be part of diet plans all over the world. It has some variations in its shape in some areas of cultivation. These green beans in some regions are called squeaky beans, fine beans, string beans, or French beans depending on the place you are into.

Green beans have approximately 150 varieties all over the planet which all comes in all shapes and colors. Even though they vary in size, shape, and color, these wonder vegetable’s nutritional value and health benefits remain the same.

Green beans are very versatile. Because it can grow in a lot of, different climates –making it a popular and recognized food globally. It is widely cultivated in Africa and Asia and is served in a wide array of cultural dishes that offer health benefits. Furthermore, these amazing green beans has a lot of nutrition facts and benefits.


It is hard to argue the green beans’ nutritional benefits. These wonder vegetable aside from being crunchy and delicious are very low in fat and calories and have no cholesterol. Its fiber content is so high, and some of your daily protein requirement can be provided by it as well. Most importantly, it is also a good source of Vitamins like Folic Acid, B6, C, K, A and minerals like silicon, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, and potassium.


Green beans also have many benefits aside from being a delicious vegetable packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Here are some of the green beans health benefits:

        Control Diabetes. Green Beans have been proven to help regulate and manage symptoms of diabetes in many patients. This is because some studies show that there is an influence in the hypoglycemic on some patients who suffer from diabetes. We all know that diabetes is an illness that requires continuous maintenance of blood sugar level. This is needed for the body to perform tasks productively since our body is busy all day. Good thing there is now a connection of some plants including beans in the control and prevention of diabetes.

       Reduced Cardiovascular Disease Risk. Because of the high level of flavonoids present in the green beans, it is very helpful in reducing heart disease. These flavonoids can help- in preventing blood clots in veins and arteries. This means that per taking green beans (in a healthy volume) and flavonoids in your diet plan can help in the prevention of some diseases.

       Prevent Colon Cancer. Studies show that green beans can be helpful in preventing polyps that usually lead to colon cancer. Moreover, the fiber content of green beans is very high. This can improve the state of your digestive system.

      Eye Care. Macular degeneration or vision malfunction can be prevented when you eat green beans. This is primarily because of the carotenoids present in it. One of the green bean’s good benefit is this, ensuring carotenoid levels are strong for vision deterioration prevention.

      Boost Immunity. It is undoubted that green beans have a lot of antioxidants that are all system-boosting. These antioxidants are helpful compounds that look for perilous free radicals and eradicate them from our body. Some of these free radicals are very dangerous and can cause tissue damage or illness if not removed.

        Pre-natal Care. Folic acid is very helpful in protecting infants in the womb. The folic acid inside a mother’s body is very important in the development of the baby. Having said, eating healthy, fiber-rich food is a must –and green beans are one of them. Green beans provide a delicious yet easy way in maintaining the folic acid level of the baby in the womb.

        Bone Health Improvement. Because of the vitamins and minerals present in the green beans, bone deterioration is not an issue. Some vitamins like vitamin K and A together with silicon can increase bone health and bone regeneration.

       Gastrointestinal Treatment. Since the green beans are packed with fiber, it is very helpful in one’s body. Some digestive problems like hemorrhoids, constipation, ulcers, etc. are eased by sticking enough fiber into the diet plan.


Here are some factors to be wary of in consuming green beans:

        Allergies –same as other food, some tend to be allergic to green beans. If you are allergic to green beans then look for less discomforting food.

        Phytates –a nutrient deficiency that can be caused by overeating the green beans that contain phytic acid. Phytates can be a health risk if you have consumed a lot of green beans.

        Lectins –a notoriously present carb-binding protein found in some found including the green beans. Too much intake of lectins can cause proteins to tie up the intestinal system because the lectins go through it which may lead to some complications.

The most important thing pattern in preventing diseases and achieving good health is the total diet plan or eating pattern. It’s good to try green beans because of its amazing health benefits however, there should be a restriction to it. Green beans is now not just a vegetable but also especially relevant for our health.



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