Best Natural Treatments for Eye Floaters

One of the most common eye ailment that are affecting most people today. There are various symptoms that make it much easier to know if a person is suffering from the condition. If you move your eyes in any directions, then some dark spectacles make your vision blur, then you might be experiencing eye floaters. After determining that, you can now start to consider treating the condition. There are a lot of treatments for eye floaters, so don’t stress yourself out. If you want inexpensive yet effective treatments for eye floaters, then go the natural way.

However, first and foremost, what are these eye floaters?

Eye Floaters: What are these?

Eye floaters are small, have an irregular shape, and dark spectacles that appear in the eyes. These are actually made up of clumps of protein and forms into dots, cobwebs, strand, blobs, etc. Even though these are annoying, it can’t cause any harm and in fact, sometimes these are unnoticeable.

Eye floaters form as we age and it becomes more dominant because of some degenerative changes. These become visible since they cast a shadow in the retina. However, these are sometimes unnoticeable because they remain “static” in the retina and the brain has been used to it and doesn’t pay attention to it anymore.

The eye floaters have usually considered as somewhat an annoyance rather than a symptom of a certain illness. Unless of course, it there is an impulsive increase in the location and number of floaters.

Eye Floaters: Symptoms

Here are some of the usual symptoms of having eye floaters:

-Formation of visual spots in the vision. Usually in the form of strings, clusters, specks, or a combination of all of these.

-The spectacles move as you move your eyes.

-When your eyes are static and not moving, the spots tend to float out of the line of vision.

Eye Floaters: Causes

Here are some of the causes of eye floaters:

. Some research shows that with aging, the tendency of having eye floaters is very high. This is because the vitreous gel in the eye liquefies gradually. The vitreous gel is responsible for maintaining the shape of the back of our eyes.

Prebirth. In the case of some people, the eye floaters may appear as an effect of some bits of cells that are not yet or never been fully dissolved. This is from the blood vessels that are created throughout the eye’s pre-birth development.

Diabetes. Eye floaters are somewhat common with diabetes. This is mainly because the condition also causes a number of feeble capillaries in the eye that may leak blood. Furthermore, the blood may also clot and may deposit some floaters in the vitreous area.

Near-sightedness. If you are nearsighted, you are at a high risk of acquiring eye floaters. This is along with the people with candidiasis and/or food allergy.

Eye trauma. Eye trauma may also cause eye floaters or spots. Furthermore, the eye floaters may remain in the eye for a long time before it disappears.

Natural Remedies or Treatments for Eye Floaters

Try focusing your line of vision. Try to focus your vision on a particular thing. This helps in relaxing your eyes. Furthermore, it also helps in treating eye floaters.

Massage the temples. One of the more superb treatments for eye floaters is this. By massaging gently the eyes, it helps in reducing the stress levels, which eventually heal or treat eye floaters.

Do eye exercises. Eye exercises are effective in improving the appearance of eye floaters. This is very effective most especially when you want to relieve stress in the eyes.

Drink plenty of water. Eye floaters may appear because of the incorporation of some toxins in the body. And drinking water helps in treating this condition. Furthermore, if you make your body free from toxins, there are lower chances of acquiring eye floaters.

Increase taurine consumption. Taurine is a mineral that helps in enhancing the eyesight. Eating foods rich in this nutrient may help in improving the vision.

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UV rays give a harmful effect on the eyes as well, and not just in the skin. That’s why sunglasses are needed to protect the eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses are also proven to have an effect in preventing the occurrence of eye floaters.

Eat and drink organic foods or supplements. If you consume organic foods or supplements, it may help in the overall health. Furthermore, it might also help in reducing the risk of some illnesses.


Eye Floaters are so normal and are actually invisible for some. However, everybody should know about it and if they experience it naturally/ they should be aware of their symptoms. Because even though it is just normal, it might still get worse. The treatments for eye floaters can be used in this case. May it be natural or not, it’s your choice, but make sure it will treat you not make your condition even worse.


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