What Are the Side Effects of Birth Control Pills?

Birth control is the way for a man and women to prevent unexpected pregnancy. Women of any age can use different methods of birth control to reduce the risk of a surprise blessing. The most common oral contraception is the birth control pill which is widely used by women over the world. However, there are side effects when using birth control pills.

Birth Control Pills: Defined

Birth control pills are a special kind of pill that contains hormones which you can take to prevent pregnancy. The pill is widely used around the world and there are many different brands.

Birth control pills are very affordable, effective, and safe when used regularly and taken at a consistent time each day. Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancies, birth control pills have other health benefits. Note, however, that there can also be side effects which can be serious at times.


How Does It Help In Pregnancy Prevention?

Birth control pills help prevent pregnancy by stopping a sperm cell from meeting with an egg cell. This process is commonly known as fertilization. The hormones contained in the pill stop the ovary from releasing an egg cell. If there is no ovulation then there will be no egg to meet with a sperm cell. This is why pregnancy will not occur.

The hormones in the pills also function to thicken the mucus in the cervix. The thicker the mucus in the cervix, the harder for the sperm to meet an egg. This serves as security for the ovary against the sperm.

How To Make The Pills Work For You?

Not filling the proper prescription in a timely manner, not remembering to take the pills, and losing the pack of pills are just a few of the reasons why women can still get pregnant while taking birth control pills.

Here are some helpful ways you can remember to take your pills.

-Always put your pills in your purse or bag so that you always have them with you.

-Put your pills right next to your most used items, like your gadgets.

-Set an alarm or reminder on your phone.

-Ask your partner to remind you.

-Ask family members or even friends to help remind you to take your pills.

Common Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

Here are some of the most common side effects of birth control pills for women:

1 Visual Changes. The hormonal changes that may be caused by birth control pills may lead to serious conditions such as fluid retention. This condition can, in turn, cause corneas to change shapes. If this swelling occurs, contact lenses may no longer fit comfortably.

2 Vaginal Discharge. When taking oral contraceptives, some women may experience changes in their vaginal discharge. Vaginal lubrication might decrease or increase, which in turn can affect sexual intercourse.

3 Decreased Libido. The hormones found in birth control pills can also affect the sex drive of any person taking it. In some instances the libido can also be increased.

4 Missed Menstruation Period. There are some instances when even though you have taken your pill, you will skip or miss your period. Several factors can contribute to this including illness, travel, stress, and thyroid or hormonal abnormalities.

5 Mood Swings. Individuals with a previous history of depression should first ask their  doctor before taking pills. Moreover, if you experience mood swings while taking pills, there is also a need to consult a physician.

6 Gain Weight. Actually, no study clearly states the association of weight gain and birth control use. Nevertheless, many people who take birth control pills claim that they experience fluid retention, particularly in their hips and breast area.

7 Headaches. The sex hormones in our body can sometimes cause migraines and headaches. Oral pills that have different doses and types or hormones may cause various headaches.

8 Breast Tenderness. Birth control pills can result in breast tenderness or enlargement.

9 Nausea. Some patients tend to experience nausea when first taking the pill. However, symptoms usually decrease over time. Consuming the pill with food or before bedtime  may also help in preventing nausea.

10 Intermenstrual Spotting. About 50% of patients who use pills experience sudden vaginal bleeding. This is commonly known as breakthrough bleeding.


Birth control pills can undeniably help a lot of partners prevent unexpected pregnancy. People around the world use birth control pills but there is still a need to be careful when taking these wonder pills.

You can’t ignore the side effects when taking birth control pills. If they don’t work for you, or if side effects become too severe, there are other means available which can help prevent unwanted pregnancies.


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