Health Benefits of Safflower Oil: Pros and Cons

When you overheat cooking oil, the helpful compounds are destroyed and harmful free radicals are created. These free radicals damage the molecules in the body, which is why it is very important that we use oils that have a high smoking point when cooking with high temperatures. One of the best oils with a high smoking point is safflower oil. Not only is it beneficial in cooking, but it also has some uniquely amazing health benefits.

Some of the health benefits of safflower include improving the immune system, increasing muscle contraction control, reducing PMS symptoms, lowering cholesterol, boosting skin quality, and aiding in hair health, weight loss, and blood sugar level management.

What is Safflower?

Safflower is actually an annual plant that looks like a thistle. It has many branches and has relatively little-known usages, aside from oil. Luckily, the safflower oil is extremely treasured and is extracted from the seed of the flower. In the past, safflower seeds were typically just used for dyes. However, in the last few years, the use of the oil has been discovered. Ultimately, safflower has been an essential plant in the Greek and Egyptian cultures for generations.

There are actually 60 countries around the world that cultivate safflower. However, there are just small amounts that are being harvested. In fact, per year, there are only about 600,000 tons of it produced all over the world.

In modern history, the oils that are being extracted from the seeds are the most valuable element of the plant, and the majority of the production is being used to produce it. The oil is actually a good substitute for some less healthy oils that some people use, so we may see the worldwide market for safflower oil increase as people learn about its benefits.

Varieties of Safflower

There are two varieties of safflower that are available in the market: the high-oleic and the high-linoleic. The high-oleic safflower has more monounsaturated fats, while the high-linoleic safflower has a rich content of polyunsaturated fats. The polyunsaturated safflower oil is beneficial in unheated foods. On the other hand, the monounsaturated safflower oil is good for cooking at high temperatures.

Is Safflower Oil Good For Us?

The oil from the safflower seed is highly rich in unsaturated fats, which are essential for the body. It also has a neutral flavor that pairs well with many cuisines and dishes. Furthermore, the monounsaturated fats in it are also good when used in cooking with high temperatures.

When you use the oil in moderation, it can be a healthy addition to your diet. Since our body needs fat to properly function, the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat in the oil is beneficial for optimal health. However, moderate consumption is a must in this oil, since the oil also contains a relative amount of “bad fat.”

All in all, safflower oil is beneficial for the body and overall health.

Health Benefits of Safflower Oil

Here are some of the best health benefits of safflower oil:

Helps boost the immune system. Safflower oil is also good for boosting the immune system, helping the body stay well-protected.

Relieves PMS symptoms. During menstruation, women tend to suffer from uneasiness and pain. The linoleic acid in the safflower oil helps in the regulation of prostaglandin, which relieves pain.

Helps in skincare. The rich linoleic acid content of the oil is good for boosting the appearance and quality of the skin. Furthermore, the linoleic acid may also mix with sebum to help in unclogging the pores and alleviate blackheads.

Helps in hair care. The rich oleic acid content of the oil is beneficial in enriching the hair and the scalp. This helps in increasing the blood circulation to the scalp, strengthening the follicles and stimulating hair growth. It also helps in keeping the hair vibrant and shiny.

Weight loss. The oil is beneficial in burning fat, rather than storing it in the body. Since you can use it in your regular cooking (in place of your usual oil), you don’t have to make any major changes to your diet to reap the benefits.

Prevents diabetes. The omega-6 fatty acids in the oil are good for the management of blood sugar levels in the body, thus, preventing diabetes.

Helps in protecting the heart. The rich omega-6 fatty acids in the oil are helpful in protecting the heart. The linoleic acid in it also helps in keeping a healthy balance of cholesterol in the body, which is essential in preventing various conditions or illnesses, like atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack.


Safflower oil is very rich in unsaturated fat, which is beneficial for the body. It also has other health benefits and is easy to incorporate into your regular cooking. Adding this to your daily diet plan can be beneficial and well worth it.


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