Surprising Benefits of Milk for the Skin

Using raw milk on the skin is a good idea. Why? Put simply, raw milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, calcium and other antioxidants. These help nourish the skin cells more deeply and keep it moisturized for longer.

If you’re prone to acne, milk can help exfoliate and gradually treat it. Furthermore, it can also be used to draw excess oil from those with oily skin types. It can also help tighten large pores. Amazing, right?

What is Milk?

Milk is very famous for its calcium content, but it is also home to many other vital nutrients which can provide countless health benefits. For example, milk is a magnificent beauty aid. It also plays an important role in general health upkeep.

The milk used to feed babies helps reduce the risk of several diseases. Adults consume cow’s milk and, less frequently, the milk of other animals such as goats, llama, camels, deer, buffalo etc.

Nutritional Value of Milk

SeleniumSelenium fights the free radicals which can damage and age the skin. It also protects against sun damage and maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin, making you look much younger.
MagnesiumThis nutrient helps make skin more youthful and radiant. Furthermore, it also helps slow down the aging process.
CalciumCalcium helps make the topmost layer of the skin, boosts the production of collagen and promotes skin’s elasticity. Additionally, it also helps fight the activities of free radicals.
PotassiumThis helps hydrate and nourish dry skin. Moreover, potassium also treats itchy skin.
Lactic AcidThis nutrient helps moisturize, nourish, and hydrate skin, keeping it looking much younger by fighting the free radicals that make the skin age.
Vitamin B12This helps treat uneven skin and makes it appear lighter.
ProteinProtein help repair and grow tissues. It also helps promote strong, wrinkle-free skin.
BiotinThis is best for revitalizing skin and treating dry skin.
Vitamin B6This is important for the formation of new cells in the skin. It also keeps the skin more moisturized and much healthier.
Vitamin DThis helps make skin glow, produces collagen and slows down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Vitamin AVitamin A helps treat flaky, dry and peeling skin. It is also essential for the healthy division of new cells.

Skin Benefits of Milk

Here are the benefits of milk for the skin:

Acts as a moisturizer. The lactic acid in milk helps effectively hydrate skin. Furthermore, the amino acids in it also enhance water retention and moisturize the skin.

Makes skin more youthful. The lactic acid content helps make the complexion more even.

Protects skin. Milk is rich in antioxidants, which help combat free radicals, improve cell function, increase elasticity and boost collagen production.

Makes the skin glow. Milk is rich in vitamin B12, which makes the skin glow from the inside out. When consumed regularly, milk can make you more radiant.

Other Health Benefits of Milk

Milk is not just for the skin. As we know, it is wonderful in many ways. Milk can:

Keep bones healthy. This is probably the most famous benefit of milk. The calcium content of the milk helps strengthen bones. Some professionals suggest drinking fortified milk, which is even more rich in calcium and other vitamins.

Help with weight loss. The beverage is a good appetizer and a good substitute for a snack. When you drink low-fat milk, you’ll see an adverse effect in your weight loss.

Combat stress. A glass of milk helps reduce stress and relax the mind.

Build stronger muscles. When you work out, milk is a good way to recover the energy you lost and repair the muscles.


Now you know what the benefits of milk are for the skin and your overall health. Keep in mind, if you are allergic or sensitive to lactose products, you should avoid drinking milk as it can hurt you. Try to get your nutrients through another source!


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