Top 11 Natural Remedies For Younger Looking Skin

Flowers fragrantly is soothing and its sight is beautiful. They have different colors, types, and sizes, Usually, used for perfumery, rejuvenation, and beautification. A plant that has been used in treating common skin and beauty ailments, since time immemorial. Daffodils, roses, echinacea, and cornflowers become natural anti-aging products. Because of their stems, oils, bulbs, and petals can cure countless skin care problems like anti-aging, skin sensitivity, firming skin and removing adult acne. Aside from these below are the other flowers that make aged people’s skin look and feel younger.

Eleven Flowers For Younger Looking Skin

CHAMOMILE: Diminishes inflammation, ruddiness, and puffiness

Chamomile improves skin elasticity while calming our skin and eliminates reddish complexions. It toughens the capillaries that is why the redness in our skin reduces. The most common kinds of chamomiles used in beauty and skin care products are German chamomile and Roman chamomile. However, Roman chamomile gives more anti-inflammatory effect, since it has higher azulene concentration.

LAVENDER: Maintain oil levels

Lavender act as an antibacterial and antiseptic, aside from these, lavender gives many skin benefits.  It regulates dry, sensitive and oily types of skin, by maintaining sebum production. Hence, lavender is used in treatments (spa) to relieve tension, stress and gives relaxation.

JASMINE: Relieve dry complexions and congested skin

Jasmine is not only popular because of its uplifting powers and heady scent. It is also known for softening and hydrating skin and declogging pores. Beauty products, which use jasmine flowers normally comprise jasmine wax. This offers skin protecting measure. On the other hand, other jasmine products are expensive, because it contains first-class jasmine flowers.

Jasmine that normally blooms during night-time, increases circulation and it has a warming effect. Commonly found in creams and body lotions.

ORCHIDS: Renews Skin, Combats free radicals and Retains Moisture

Most perfumes contain orchids. However, orchid petals guard our skin against ecological stressors while renewing and hydrating it. Orchids became popular in Asia since it has protective and regenerative properties. As a result, orchids are now incorporated in many beauty products.

Rare orchids have anti-aging properties that work in different types of skin. Other parts of this flower contain mucilages that are capable of holding water. Nonetheless, there are only one orchid species that is not capable of fighting aging.

FEVERFEW: Reduce Inflammation

In the past few years, feverfew was very useful for reducing fever because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  Applying feverfew product can reduce roughness, irritation, and roughness.

EVENING PRIMROSE: Treats Psoriasis and Eczema

The oil extracted from the seeds of evening primrose can defeat psoriasis and eczema, dryness and itching. Evening primrose is rich in gamma linoleic acid, linoleic acid, and fatty acids. These acids keep our skin hydrated, regulate inflammation and assisting in prostaglandins production.

If you have a lower amount of linoleic acid (gamma), the risk of having eczema and psoriasis is higher. To avoid these types of diseases, then you can use skin care products that contain evening primrose flower.


A winter flower originally called as Marigold. Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties, lessens skin blemishes and clarifies our skin. It can also cure cradle cap, sunburn and lessen nappy rashes, by adding the petals on a baby bath.

Calendula can also heal insect bites, by applying the calendula paste on the beaten area. You can also make a face mask using this flower.


This is a useful and beautiful flower for the hair and skin. A pansy contains salicylic acid that soothes and calms our skin. It can also use as an astringent, vinegar, ointment or lotion. If you’re suffering from aching pimples then place the fresh leaves into your face. Calendula leaves can cool and soothe inflammation.


Hibiscus is commonly known as nature’s botox. It contains anti-aging properties and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. Hibiscus makes our skin firmer and clearer.

DAFFODILS: Fights Dryness

Dry skin cells can be repaired using daffodil bulb extract because regulates a number of cells that are being produced. The bulb extract reduces the formation of cells. However, when our skin is fully hydrated, it is better to protect our skin from free radicals and skin aging ultraviolet rays.

ROSE: For Firmer and Smoother Skin

Rosehip seed oil makes ageing complexions rosy. Beauty experts conducted a study, wherein 30 women applied rosehip seed oil for 3 months. As a result, their skin becomes fresher, smother and nearly spot free. Rose is a source of anti-ageing retinoic acid. It also contains antioxidants and with a high dosage of Vit. C concentration. These nutrients fade pigmentation and reduce free radicals.

Finally, the rose is rich in linolenic acid and linoleic acid that is helpful in braking inflammation, which accelerates puffiness, sagging, blotchiness and free lines.


Hope this tips had given you valuable information. Our quest for beauty and wellness, trying this natural remedies could do you wonder! let us know in the comment section below.


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