The Best Natural Treatments for Psoriasis

Psoriasis, a chronic type of autoimmune skin condition which might cause scaling and inflammation of the skin. A normal and healthy skin can experience cell turnover once every month. However, if you have psoriasis, the cells in the skin rises faster and in fact, piles up on top of each other. Luckily, you can help in fighting this condition by some natural treatments for psoriasis.

Psoriasis: What is it?

Psoriasis first occurs in the body’s immune system and it includes a certain type of white blood cell known as T cell. When you acquire psoriasis, by mistake, the T cells are being put into action. Furthermore, the cell becomes extremely active. Hence, it leads to the unnatural swelling and fast throughput of the skin cells.

The symptoms of the skin disease may vary depending on the form of psoriasis. Psoriasis isn’t just an ordinary annoying skin disease, however, it can also lead to psoriatic arthritis. This type of arthritis is, in fact, an inflammation of the joints which affects the 30% of all the patients with psoriasis.

A conventional way of treating psoriasis might work, however, more often it does not. Good thing there are many natural remedies for psoriasis and since they are natural, these are all safe to use.

Types of Psoriasis

There isn’t just only one type of psoriasis, just like any other illnesses, it also has numerous types. It includes:

Plaque Psoriasis –the most common form of psoriasis. Furthermore, it may appear in the knees, elbows, and other areas.

Erythrodermic Syndrome –this is the most severe type of psoriasis. Moreover, it usually appears on some people who have unstable plaque psoriasis.

Gluttate Psoriasis-often characterized by small dots that are seen in childhood or early in adulthood.

Pustular Psoriasis-its bumps are lie blisters of pimples. However, this is actually rich in white blood cells.

Inverse Psoriasis-the usual location of this psoriasis type is in body folds part like in knee.

Psoriasis: Symptoms and Causes

Most common symptoms of psoriasis, most especially those that can be seen in people with plaque psoriasis include:

-Due to feeling embarrassment and hopelessness about their skin, many people with psoriasis suffer from emotional problems also.

-Nails that disengage from its nail beds and can be bloody or painful.

-Staining in the toenails and finger or growth of fungus in the toenail.

-Discolored, cracked skin that easily bleeds and gets bruises.

-The appearance of dandruff in the scalp.

-Lesions or loose skin which can be sensitive, painful, and itchy

-Plaques of red skin, sometimes it is also covered with a crust of scales which tend to become white or silver in color.

Psoriasis often appears in the elbow, scalp, lower back, legs, face, soles of the feet, and palms. However, it may also appear in some other parts of the body like in genitals, inside the mouth, fingernails, and toenails.

Some doctors aren’t sure of the real cause of psoriasis. However, many doctors find the following factors to contribute in causing psoriasis:

-Overactive immune system

-Improper diet

-Abnormal small intestine permeability

-Increased number of T cells in the blood, epidermis, and dermis

-Struggle to digest protein

-Emotional stress

-Hormonal changes


Vitamin D shortage

-Poor liver function

Natural Treatments for Psoriasis

The aim of the holistic or natural treatments for psoriasis is to go through the root of the condition. Some people combine a diet that heals psoriasis with some anti-inflammatory foods. Actually, this is one of the best ways to treat psoriasis naturally.

Here are some more natural ways of treating psoriasis:

Reducing stress. Research states that psoriasis has something to do with stress as well. This is why the mind-body therapy and stress management really helps in healing psoriasis naturally. Hypnosis, prayer, or meditation are all a good help.

Do exercise and drink plenty of water. Having proper exercise and drinking enough water are two of the easiest and most effective ways of treating psoriasis. These are two of the best natural treatments for psoriasis.

Try alternative treatments like homeopathy. Homeopathy is yet another treatment for psoriasis. Furthermore, aside from it helps in the improvement of the symptoms of psoriasis, it can also improve the overall quality of life. Another example of alternative treatment is the acupuncture. This is a Chinese medicine which helps in combating psoriasis.

Try to eat a psoriasis diet. This is a crucial step towards fighting psoriasis. However, this can help in healing the gut that in turn will also heal psoriasis.

Applying some topical treatments that are nature-based. You can use creams that are naturally made and are proven safe. Your health must not be at stake if you are trying to combat psoriasis.


Keeping all the symptoms of psoriasis has no clear answer yet. What works for a certain person might not work for some other. Some of the treatments may have a negative effect on your body, luckily, the natural treatments for psoriasis are present.


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