Surprising Benefits Of Ylang-Ylang Oil


One of the most odorous flowers in the world is ylang-ylang. It has an amazing and unique smell that even when you just pass by, you’ll already know that it is ylang-ylang. Not only that ylang-ylang is a fragrant flower, it is also a home for many health benefits, most especially its oil. The health benefits of ylang-ylang oil are attributable to its own properties. This is since the flower is an antiseborrheic, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antidepressant, nervine, sedative, and hypotensive substance.

The essential oil from ylang-ylang wasn’t very popular actually. However, since there are thousands of cosmetic products and advertisements in the worldwide media, it becomes a new favorite aromatherapy.

Ylang-ylang, what is it?

Cananga odorata is the scientific name of the flow ylang-ylang. It has a soft, flowery, and sweet fragrance, making it a favorite scent for romance. In some countries like Indonesia, the petals of the flower are often scattered in the marriage bed. Moreover, the ylang-ylang is surprisingly effective in calming and relaxing. Furthermore, it is also beneficial in releasing the feeling of anger, nervous irritability, and tension.

It also has a role in some skin and hair products, specifically in the regions in Asia. In some Asian countries, they use the extract of ylang-ylang in promoting a healthy and luxuriant hair.

What Wonders the Ylang-ylang Extract does?

The ylang-ylang oil has a lot of uses and is oozing with benefits. Primarily, the ylang-ylang oil is pulled out from the fresh flowers from the tree of ylang-ylang by the steam distillation. The tree of ylang-ylang actually is usually found in some regions in the Asia and the South Pacific.

The main component of the ylang-ylang oil is its benzyl acetate, geranyl acetate, benzyl benzoate linalool, sesquiterpenes, and caryophyllene. All of these components contribute to the amazing health benefits of ylang-ylang oil.

Not only that you can use the ylang-ylang oil in colognes and some aromatherapy treatments, this oil is also used for numerous medicinal purposes.

How does the Ylang-ylang Oil work?

The ylang-ylang oil can be used in the following ways:

Topically. When you combine the ylang-ylang oil with milder carrier oil, you can use it as a

Hair treatment –You just need to add three (3) drops of ylang-ylang oil into your shampoo, and massage it into your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes, and rinse. you’ll immediately see a change in your hair.

Massage oil –like the first one, combine the ylang-ylang oil with a milder carrier oil and apply it in your body or to the body of the one you are massaging. This will help in relaxing the body and muscles.

Anti-ageing skin toner –five drops of ylang-ylang oil into the chamomile tea then apply it on your skin. This will reduce the signs of aging in your skin.

Aromatically. If you have an inhaler or a diffuser, you can use it. Just put 3 to 4 drops of the ylang-ylang oil and then inhale it directly. This will relax you and remove any tension in your body.

Health Benefits of Ylang-ylang Oil

Here are some of the  health benefits of ylang-ylang oil:

Treats internal infections. The ylang-ylang oil is beneficial as a cure for some infections in the internal organs. Like in the stomach, colon, urinary tract, and intestines. Furthermore, it’s also good in treating people who suffer from insomnia, frigidity, and fatigue.

Anti-depressant. The ylang-ylang oil helps in fighting depression and help relax the body. Hence, getting rid of the sadness, anxiety, and chronic stress. Moreover, it also lifts up the mood and encourages a feeling of hope and joy.

Sedative. The ylang-ylang oil also helps in providing a relief from anxiety and stress. This certain essential oil calms and sedates the nervous afflictions, anger, anxiety, and stress.

Hypotensive. The ylang-ylang oil is effective in lowering the blood pressure. Furthermore, the ylang-ylang oil also has no side effects on the health if you take it in prescription. Hence, it is safe, no worries.

Antiseptic. The ylang-ylang oil helps in avoiding both tetanus and sepsis by means of inhibiting the microbial growth and the disinfection of the wounds. Furthermore, it also helps in protecting the wounds from any infections of fungus, bacteria, and virus.

Antiseborrheic. Seborrheic eczema or seborrhea is a chronic disease, which is because of the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands. The ylang-ylang oil is beneficial in treating the inflammation and helps reduce the irritation of the skin.

Aphrodisiac. The ylang-ylang oil activates romance in couples and may improve the sexual life. This may be beneficial to those who have already lost their interest in sex. Moreover, essential oils such as the ylang-ylang oil are really beneficial in finding the sex drive.

Nervine. The ylang-ylang oil is beneficial in boosting our nervous system health. Moreover, it also helps in strengthening our nervous system and protects it from developing some disorders.


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