The Most Shocking Health Benefits Of Poppy Seeds

Have you heard of the poppy seeds before? Have you tried it? While we are not sure if you’ve already heard or tried of these before, we are sure that the health benefits of poppy seeds are remarkable. What makes up these amazing benefits are the essential nutrients in it. If you want to know this and many more facts about the poppy seeds, give this article a read. Worry less, because you will learn a lot from this article –that’s for sure!

Poppy Seeds: What are these?

Did you know that poppy seeds have been stated in various early medieval texts from certain civilizations? Well, one of these texts is from the Egyptian civilization, which refers the poppy seeds as sedatives. Another civilization from the Bronze Age also cultivated these seeds and use them in honey, opium, and milk mixture, in order to calm crying babies. Not just that, poppy seeds have also been used in aiding sleep and promoting fertility.

Scientifically, poppy seeds are named Papaver somniferum. These are extensively used kinds of seeds, which are rampantly in use in the various countries, most especially in the Central Europe. This is also where they usually grow and are sold in stores. Both whole and ground forms of the poppy seeds are beneficial as a constituent to various dishes. Sometimes, they are also pressed to get its oil.

Moreover, there are various varieties of the poppy seeds. Here are some of the more popular types of it:

  • Oriental poppy seeds. Likewise known as the opium poppy. This one produces opium and is mainly grown for profitable purposes.
  • White poppy seeds. Likewise known as the Asian or Indian poppy seeds. They’re featured or used in various cuisines.
  • Blue poppy seeds. Likewise known as the European poppy seeds, because they are mostly seen in confectionery and on Western bread.

Poppy Seeds: Are they good for you?

Well, the answer: YES!

The most significant among all the health benefits of poppy seeds is its ability to prevent heart disease. As a matter of fact, the seeds possess linoleic acid that is in fact, a kind of omega-6 fatty acid that is necessary for the heart health. Take note, however, that the excess amount of omega-6 fatty acids may harm the health. Therefore, balance is the key.

Furthermore, the phosphorus and iron content of the seeds may also help in maintaining the bone health. These minerals are important in sustaining the bones and the muscles. Additionally, poppy seeds have magnesium and calcium as well, which regulate the brain-doings and help in the neuron development. The seeds may also treat restlessness.

There are lots of some other benefits that the poppy seeds may offer. But before digging deeper into that matter, let us first know the essential nutrients in the poppy seeds.

Nutritional Content of Poppy Seeds               

A hundred grams of poppy seeds may contain the following nutrients:

PrincipleAmount% Daily Value
Energy525 Kcal26%
Carbohydrates28.13 grams22%
Protein17.99 grams32%
Total Fat41.56 grams139%
Cholesterol0 milligrams0%
Dietary Fiber19.5 grams51%
Folates82 micrograms20%
Niacin0.896 milligrams5.5%
Pantothenic acid0.324 milligrams65%
Pyridoxine0.247 milligrams19%
Riboflavin0.100 milligrams8%
Thiamin0.854 milligrams71%
Vitamin A0 IU0%
Vitamin C1 milligrams2%
Vitamin E1.77 milligrams12%
Vitamin K0 milligrams0%
Sodium26 milligrams2%
Potassium719 milligrams15%
Calcium1438 milligrams144%
Copper01.627 milligrams181%
Iron9.76 milligrams122%
Magnesium347 milligrams87%
Manganese6.707 milligrams292%
Phosphorus870 milligrams124%
Selenium13.5 micrograms24%
Zinc7.9 milligrams72%

Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

Here are some of the most shocking health benefits of poppy seeds:

  • Helps in improving heart health. The poppy seeds are oozing with dietary fiber, which is beneficial in lowering the cholesterol levels and improve the heart health. Not just that, poppy seeds also has omega-6 fatty acids, which is also beneficial for the heart.
  • Helps in boosting the immunity. The zinc content of poppy seeds may contribute to making the immune system stronger. Moreover, the seeds also help in enhancing the body’s production of immune cells. Its iron also helps in this particular aspect.
  • Helps in regulating the blood pressure levels. The oleic acid in the poppy seeds are beneficial in lowering the levels of blood pressure in the body. This is one of the best health benefits of poppy seeds, especially to those who are suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Helps in making the bones stronger. The poppy seeds are rich in copper and calcium, as well as phosphorus. All of these minerals are beneficial in strengthening the bones and the connective tissues.
  • Helps in improving brain health. The copper, iron, and calcium content of poppy seeds is beneficial in improving the brain health. All of these minerals are beneficial in regulating neurotransmitters and improve the brain function.
  • Helps in boosting energy. There is an ample amount of complex carbohydrates in the poppy seeds. These macronutrients are beneficial for the body’s need of energy. The seeds are also beneficial in the calcium absorption.


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