What are the Greatest Health Benefits of Oca Root?

Do you know oca root? It’s not super common in many parts of the world, but you’ll be surprised to hear about the health benefits it offers. Keep reading to learn more!

 What is Oca?

Oca, also called “Oxalis tuberosa,” is a type of root perennial crop. It was first discovered in the south and central regions of the Andes, where it was cherished as an edible root crop. Today, it is the second most grown root crop in Bolivia and Peru, outgrown only by potatoes. Other countries that have jumped on board include the UK, Philippines and North America. Oca root is able to withstand poor soil conditions and changing climates, which makes is a great crop.

Different countries have their own way of cooking oca roots, but popular methods include baking, boiling, steaming, roasting and stir-frying.

Nutritional Content of Oca

Oca is similar in shape and size to ginger, with a tubular appearance and bright colour. It is rich in vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin B6, potassium, pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene), iron, flavonoids and fiber. The low calorie content and energy-boosting carbohydrates are also great news for people looking to lose weight or generally boost their health.

Health Benefits of Oca Root

A diet full of fresh vegetables ensures our body is functioning properly. It can prevent conditions like stroke, cancer, arthritis, dementia and heart disease. So what can oca specifically do for you?

Fewer Calories

  • If you want a sexy and healthy body, add oca to your diet. At only 30 calories per 100 gram serving, it has fewer calories than other root crops. In addition, it is rich in nutrients and vitamins good for our health.

Controlling Blood Sugar

  • Oca is one of the great fiber sources, and that is one of what we need to survive because this would be one of the big ingredients to become a healthy one. Fiber is good for the people with diabetes, it controls the circulation of the blood sugar. Oca root is also great for the pre-diabetics to early avoid turning into diabetes.

Improves Heart Health

  • Since it is rich in fiber, oca is good for the heart. It can unclog arteries and reduce bad cholesterol.

Treats Bone Conditions

  • The potassium in calcium in oca helps ease osteoporosis, as they encourage proper bone function and circulation.

Boosts Energy

  • The citamin B and carbohydrates in oca help boost energy, giving us what we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Prevents Anemia

  • Expert says that oca helps supply iron, which in turn helps spread oxygen throughout cells and keeps them working properly.

Controls Blood Pressure

  • The potassium found in the root helps control blood pressure, as it can open up blood vessels where needed.

Optimizes Immunity

  • Oca can save us from getting the flu, common cold and many types of infections. It’s a great source of vitamin C, which keeps us healthy and looking young.

Regulates Bowel Movements

  • You can help fight colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids or piles with the fiber found in the vegetable.


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