What Are The Greatest Health Benefits Of Oca Root?


Do you know oca root? This root is actually not that common in some parts of the world. However, you will be surprised if you’ll know what these root crop posses. This vegetable is actually so delightful and is oozing with so many health benefits. Not only that, the health benefits of oca root are extremely staggering, and are all for the betterment of the overall health.

 How we really know Oca?

Oca is called “Oxalis tuberosa” it is a type of root crops that is a perennial plant, in short, it also lives for more two years. It was first known in the south and in the central Andes because of its edible root crops. This is just like some other root crops and before oca is not popular. But today this is widely known as the second most root crops grown in Bolivia and Peru together with the potato root crops.

The years passed, some countries such as North America, UK, Philippines, and much more tried to cultivate oca root especially when they heard the news that the oca can stand with the poor soil conditions and with changing climatic conditions with the great type of roots it gives.

Oca and ginger have some similar looks and shape as well as its size sometimes because of its tubing size and its brightly color and waxy skin appearance. This oca root is generally known as one of the root crops rich in vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B, iron, flavonoids, and fiber. In addition, oca offered low calories which is great news for the health of everyone and this is also good for the overweighed people because it a loss weight food

5 Popular Ways to cook Oca

Some other countries have their own way to cook oca roots, but the following was usually the popular way.

  • It can be used in Baking,
  • You can Boil,
  • As well as Steaming,
  • Roasting also,
  • And Stir Frying

Oca is a great source of the following which is good for the benefit of our health:

  • It has pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene)
  • It also contains potassium
  • The vitamin B6
  • A Carbohydrate and Energy.
  • A little bit of fiber

Health Benefits of Oca Root

  • It helps the body in internally and externally to work properly such as the organs as well as the muscles, nails, skin, hair, and many more. Apart from that, it has also iron, carbohydrates, and phosphorous that is good for the health of the human body.
  • To assess us to maintain and improve your overall health eating plenty of fresh vegetables will help.
  • A people with rich in vegetable diet will lead to health assurance to stroke, and cancer. As well as those with arthritis, dementia, heart disease and as well as the slow down the process of body aging.

Fewer Calories

  • If you want to gain a sexy body and as well as a healthy body, you can add Oca in your dieting food menu list it has less calorie content compared to other root crops. It contains as low as 30 calories only in the 100-gram unpeeled oca. In addition, it has rich in nutrients as well as vitamins good for our health.

Controlling Blood Sugar

  • Oca is one of the great fiber sources, and that is one of what we need to survive because this would be one of the big ingredients to become a healthy one. Fiber is good for the people with diabetes, it controls the circulation of the blood sugar. Oca root is also great for the pre-diabetics to early avoid turning into diabetes.

Improved Heart Conditions

  • Since it is rich in fiber, it is good for the one’s heart conditions, unclog arteries, and as well as the bad cholesterol runs in the human body. With this form of fiber, it also helps in controlling hard blood pumping as well as working too much with several parts of the body.

Solved Bone Conditions

  • To solve your problems in osteoporosis, great to introduce oca roots that will help you to avoid this kind of disease because it’s root has rich with potassium and as well as calcium good for the proper functioning of bones and circulating the blood properly.

Great Source of Energy

  • Vitamin B and Carbohydrates are present in oca that helps to boosts the energy of individuals. It also supplies health benefits to our body that turns into healthful life living.

Anemia Prevention

  • Expert says that it has a capacity of supplying iron in the human body. This helps to spread oxygen to work properly in cells with also the help of blood components.

Controlled Blood Pressure

  • The Heart will be benefited because of its potassium found from the oca root that will control the flow of the blood pressure in getting low and in getting high and with its ability to widely open the blood vessels.

Immunity Optimization

  • By oca, it can save us from getting engaged with flu, common cold, sickness, and as well as several infections because of its great source of vitamin C that looks us healthy and young looking good skin.

Bowel Movement Regulation

  • You can free from colorectal cancer and hemorrhoids or piles because of this oca root that is in rich with fiber. This may lead to regular diet basis.


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