Taking Care of Beauty – Collagen Solutions for Skin and Eyes

Collagen Solutions for Skin and Eyes


Our bodies are composed of numerous nutrients that compose our daily look – collagen is probably one of the most desirable ones. It is evident due to it composing about a third of the overall protein count in our bodies. It is responsible for the healthy aura that we have until aging kicks in and the natural production levels of collagen start shutting down.

When we lose our collagen naturally due to aging, smoking, illness or stress – we start receiving the initial symptoms in the form of wrinkles, dry skin and crackly bones. Naturally, an industry was created around the product with companies claiming extreme benefits of collagen. As with everything, a nuanced approach is best when trying these products. Even though collagen is essential for our skin, applying it directly may not produce any results.

By knowing more about collagen you can decide how and for what purpose you can use this protein. We will talk about some interesting relations between collagen and our skin.

What does it consist of and how it works?

Supplements containing ingestible collagen are made out of hydrolyzed proteins that are gathered from animals. The main animals sourcing this food are fish, pigs and cows. These supplements are generally safe to consume since they come from sources that we find in our daily diet which collagen is also a part of.

Hydrolysed collagen weighs less than regular collagen, allowing for efficient and effective digestion within the bloodstream. From there the digested collagen is transported into the tissues that require it such as bones, skin and cartilage where they also promote stimulating new collagen production.

Filling wrinkles

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In the old days, people used to tell kids not to laugh so much because they will have wrinkles. In a way that is true because the skin contortions your facial muscles are doing create the wrinkles of tomorrow – once the collagen starts depleting. Exposure to dry sunny weather can hasten the process.

Applying collagen against wrinkles usually comes in form of injections into the wrinkled skin, acting as a sort of a filler for the cracks that formed. The effects are quite good and the results can last for months. If you aren’t afraid of needles and could use a lift in the facial department, then this is the thing for you! However, keep in mind that these treatments are temporary and that you will have to continue with them if you want to keep the desired effect rolling.

Skin Elasticity

Aged skin becomes susceptible to creating new wrinkles with each passing smile. The key reason for this is the elasticity collagen provides. If you are lacking skin elasticity the detriments of such a condition are more than aesthetic. Such skin becomes prone to injuries and scars easily. We all know how big of a no-no scars are, especially in the facial area.

This is where collagen can help too, especially when it comes to filling scars caused by acne. Receiving a scar while your skin is already lacking collagen may cause it to become deeper and prone to recovery. By injecting collagen directly into the scars a similar effect is produced as one when treating wrinkles. Reapplying the collagen will also be necessary to maintain the effect.

Skin care

Applying makeup requires your skin to be soft and even for the best effect. Doing work on your lashes like an infill can help in the way that you won’t be encumbering the delicate skin around your eyes daily with mascara, and its removal. A small study dating from 2014 suggested that women who had used collagen gained from animal sources once a day for two months had a higher level of pre-collagen blocks in their skin while the skin around their eyes gained a smoother feel.

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Collagen increases the health of your skin and lashes while the hyaluronic acid and borage oil contained also help with hydration. Such supplements usually come in powder or pill form. Be careful of the collagen producer and it source. Only buy from licensed distributors as you never know what is inside since it’s a synthesised product.

How to do it naturally

One way to naturally force your body into producing collagen is to introduce a couple of common and not so common items in your diet.

Garlic is a common, although not an appealing, thing you can add to your meals. It contains sulfur in abundance which promotes the production of collagen in your body. Carrots and white tea help with the regeneration of damaged collagen and protecting the structure of the skin. Blueberries, eggs and mango further the process of production via Vitamin C, fibers and amino acids.

Another way to ensure collagen remains in your system is by exercising and remaining active. This is very important as testing your body forces its elements to continue working and never regress. Staying in shape is just as important as maintaining a stable diet for achieving this goal.


Either by choosing supplements or trying natural methods – having a steady collagen level in your body will give your body more mileage. This will by all means maintain a youthful look that we are seeking for but everything has an expiration date and everyone should be realistic when it comes down to these things. It is unhealthy to chase towards a goal that is most likely falsely advertised and unachievable.

Whatever your goal is towards maintaining youthful skin – remember that there is no time machine. Wrinkles and imperfections will come for us all, we can only delay the inevitable. Therefore do your best and don’t frown when a wrinkle comes to town.


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