The Best Cardio for a Fat-Free Life

Today’s irregular diets due to busy schedules in life are a root cause for obese problems in both men and women. Obesity is the biggest challenge that the world is facing today, and it leads to many complicated problems in the future, and some of them may be life threatening too. It is time to give some space for cardio activity in life on a regular basis. The current article aims at throwing limelight on the best cardio for fat-free life.

Research states that a 30-minute cardio workout for 5 days a week on a regular basis is going to offer you wonderful benefits. Exercise is vast; you should pick the type of cardio based on the goal you want to achieve. The cardio you aim to do should be able to raise your heart level as per your age and remain at the same level throughout the cardio you should choose to perform. When you choose cardio for fat burning, the possibilities are endless. However, here are a few best picked cardio exercises that will burn your fat fast.

Best Cardio for a Fat-Free Life

Out of many exercising activities, aerobics remains to be the best ways to burn fat effectively. The exercises are repetitive in nature and are hard enough to challenge the heart to use oxygen and sustain the body for a longer time. Few of aerobic activities that need to mention are rowing, running, walking, and cycling. Aerobic activities done at moderate intensity is known to burn more actual fat and also help with great fat loss over the long term.


This is the best easy and simple cardio activity one can choose to lose the fat effectively. It is a good cardio activity for the beginners to choose or people with injury. It is, in fact, the best form of exercise to lose weight and burn fat effectively. Though it is considered to be an activity with lower intensity, it can be used as the best cardio in assisting fat burning for obese, low impact cardio activity for an injured, moderate activity for injured and much more.


This is a high-intensity method when compared to walking. It is a high impact way to lose body fat and improve and improve cardiorespiratory fitness. The main purpose of cardiovascular activity is to keep your body on high intensity and burn a greater number of calories. To burn body fat effectively, you could also consider a variation of running like jogging. The cardio activity works on hips hamstrings, quadriceps, and gastrocnemius & soleus muscles. It also shows its effects on arms providing calorie burning effect.


The fantastic aerobic activity can burn 600 calories per hour. Though it has the same effects as running, it can show a greater impact on your lower body.  The activity is ideal for anyone, and it can be used on a stationary bike or on the road. You can choose any of the approaches as the resistance can be increased from lower to higher intensity as the time goes on. You can use cycling to impact lower body fat, improving the performance of sports athletes.


If you are ready for intense cardio activity, you can choose for a rowing activity on the machine. It is a high-intensity activity to burn high body fat. It impacts all the muscles of the body with high intensity when compared to walking and running, and you can burn more calories per hour when compared to other aerobic activities. It can burn a higher number of calories when compared to any other aerobic activity. It will give you a total body work out and is a low impact and high-intensity way to keep your body fat away.


The cardio activity can burn 600 calories for an hour. It will give you total body workout while burning a higher number of calories. You will burn the high body in a lightweight environment. This will work effectively for most of the people with freestyle stroke. You can consider using a variety of strokes if you want to emphasise various muscle groups.


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