7 Possible Reasons Your Muscles are Cramping Up

A Muscle Cramp is an involuntarily contracted muscle which does not get relaxed. A muscle cramp can cause intense pain in the human body. The muscles whose movement can be controlled voluntarily by the human is known as the voluntary muscles such as muscles present in the arms, hands, etc. The muscle whose contraction cannot be controlled by the humans is known as the involuntary muscles. A cramp occurs when these involuntary muscles are forced to be moved. Usually would last ranging from few seconds to a specific period not much longer.

A cramp is not a complicated issue; it occurs to mostly all the people. The chance of experiencing the cramps increases, as the age of a person also gets increased. But the fact is that even children also get a cramp. In this article, we will see the seven possible reasons for the cramp to occur. So without any further due! Let us directly jump into the article

1. It may be a sprain or a strain

Usually, a sprain involves over-stretching of ligaments. The ligaments are usually the tissues which are present between the bone joints. The strain is a term which indicates forcing or straining a muscle to do precise work. The symptoms and pain caused by both the strain and sprain are the same. The leading causes of these two involve typical physical activities such as

  • Exercising
  • Falling or slipping
  • Maintaining an awkward or uncomfortable position for a very long period
  • Lifting heavy objects is also a reason.

2. Inadequate Blood Supply

In the arteries, if the blood supply is narrowed, the amount of blood to certain parts of the body gets reduced, and it will automatically produce cramp in legs and feet region. We can able to recover from this pain with the simple home remedies. Otherwise, you can stop exercising for a few days, and then it will automatically improve.

3. Less Mineral Availability

Cramps may also occur when there is too little amount of minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium in our body. We know that minerals are essential to our body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When there is a reduction in the number of minerals in our body, it may lead to many numbers of problems. A muscle cramp is also such type of problem which is caused by the less availability of minerals in our body. This can be treated by using simple home remedies such as in taking mineral fatty supplements in our diets and also by taking mineral tablets as part of our daily routine.

4. Nerve Compression

Sometimes nerves in the spinal cord may get compressed in the body; it will become a severe amount of pain in our body. The pain in the body will get worsened when we start walking. We can be able to walk only if we follow a flexed position. It can also be treated easily by using the home remedies or just by doing more straightforward physical actions such as moving the shopping cart or by lifting light weights on our home

5. Being Active in Hot temperature

During hot summer seasons, if we are prone our body to be very active under the direct sunlight, our muscles may get a cramp. So to prevent our body from cramped muscle, we need to maintain a body from exposing to the direct sunlight. Otherwise, we can prevent our body from sunlight by using sunscreen lotions or natural refreshing drinks to maintain the water content in our body.

6. Unusual stretching

If you are a person, who doesn’t stretch your muscle to do any work or a person whose daily work doesn’t involve any physical activities, If you stretch your muscle rather than usual, you will experience cramping in your muscles. So to avoid this, try to do exercise regularly so that your body is flexible and all the muscles are healthy.

7. Dehydration

Dehydration is a common scenario where the quantity of water is very less. It is also very common that dehydration will lead to muscle cramps. Muscle cells should have the required amount of water within them. So it should be kept in mind that, reduction in intake of water will help to prevent the muscle cramps.


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