The Best Treatments For Skin Abrasion


Running freely is a very common thing for children. However, tripping onto the floor or falling into it and getting wound on the skin of the knees may just sometimes be the case. This condition of having skin abrasions is very normal. However, it is also painful at times and may be uncomfortable. Thus, having enough knowledge about it can be a very good help, isn’t it? Not only the causes of it but to know the treatments for skin abrasion can be very beneficial in treating the condition and feeling much better. If you want to know this, feel free to give this article a read.

Skin Abrasion: What is this condition?

The skin abrasion is the shallow or apparent wound in the skin. Furthermore, in the dermatological terminologies, skin abrasion is what they further categorized as a lesion in the epidermal layer or the epidermis of the skin. We might all know that the epidermal layer is quite reedy compared to some other parts of the skin. Furthermore, it is also the outermost cover of the skin –having only about 0.1 millimeters thick. Hence, a skin abrasion by definition is shallow, because it only occurs in the epidermis.

Skin abrasion moreover, comes in various forms. For instance, a certain abrasion may be because of a fall or a scrape because of some hard object. This particular kind of abrasion is actually quite common. Furthermore, it is also can be cleaned with just water and soap as well as applying antibiotic ointments. This is since the body is going to use its very own natural healing abilities in healing the wound. However, the lesion will heal much quicker if an antibiotic is applied to it.

There are some instances wherein abrasions bleed or leave some scars. The mild abrasions may be very common to children –they commonly get this while playing or doing some of their daily chores. Good thing is that this particular abrasion on them doesn’t really have the tendency to bleed or to create a scar. On the other hand, the much milder abrasions may cause some discomfort and pain. Furthermore, depending on its severity, the milder skin abrasion may heal on its own –within just a few days or weeks. There are times that the abrasions become deep and quite severe. This will usually take a much longer period of time to heal.

Types of Skin Abrasions

There are various types of skin abrasions, and these types may vary. Furthermore, the professionals or medical experts commonly classify the types of skin abrasion by degrees, and they are as follows:

  • First degree skin abrasion: this involve only an epidermal injury to the skin.
  • Second degree skin abrasion: here, the epidermis and the dermis are both damaged or affected. Moreover, there is a presence of small amount of bleeding, which is evident.
  • Third degree skin abrasion: in this particular type of skin abrasion, the damage already involves the subcutaneous layer of the skin, plus the skin itself.

Skin Abrasion: Symptoms

Because skin abrasions are quite shallow on the skin, they can easily be noticed almost immediately, especially when there is an accompanying pain in it in some cases. Moreover, the symptoms of skin abrasions are much like the various skin bruises too. Below are some of the symptoms of the milder type of skin abrasions.:

  • Numbness in the abrasion
  • Weakness in the muscles that surround the abrasion
  • Tenderness around and on the abrasion, which becomes worse when you touch it
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Intense swelling and pain in the skin

Skin Abrasion: Causes

At some point in our lives, we experience having skin abrasions. This usually happens when the skin gets in contact with a certain rough surface while moving. This may cause the skin to rub away its topmost layer or the epidermis. Thus resulting in a skin wound. This is one of the factors that distinguishes a laceration or cut from abrasion.

Actually, skin abrasions are more common in children than in adults. This is since kids have more delicate skin than adults. Furthermore, they also tend to engage themselves in doing some activities like skating, playing sports, jumping running, and more. These are the usual things that may cause the onset of abrasion. This actually goes the same with the adults when they experience falling fro the floor, or getting into accidents.

Treatments for Skin Abrasion

Here are some of the best treatments for skin abrasion:

  • Dock leaves: when this becomes a lotion, it can be very beneficial in treating wounds. Furthermore, when it is in its leaves form, it may still be beneficial.
  • Honey: this facilitates in fast healing of the wounds. Thus making it one of the best treatments for skin abrasion.
  • Aloe vera: the gel from the leaves of aloe vera helps in relieving the condition’s symptoms and makes the recovery much faster.
  • Wound dressing: doing this may help in increasing the rate healing of the skin abrasion.
  • Cleaning the wound: this is very important in preventing any type of infections from any microbes.


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