The Goodness of Brown Rice for Weight Loss


Some diet experts have numerous recommendations as to what the best foods you can eat to help you lose weight. One of them is the brown rice. The nutritional benefits of brown rice are numerous and it goes further than facilitating in weight loss. Even though most people avoid putting rice into their diet because of the huge amount of calories it has, many people still incorporate it in their diet. However, not the usual rice but with brown rice. The effect of brown rice for weight loss is outstanding and it is undeniably good.

Brown Rice: What is it?

Brown rice is one of the healthiest and most studied types of rice in the whole world. Actually, the white rice that we usually eat is once a brown rice. It’s just that to make it white, the hull and the bran around the rice’s kernel are removed. As to the brown rice, the hull is the only one that’s been removed from the kernel. This makes the brown rice healthier because there are more nutrients in it that are intact.

If you want to turn brown rice to white, you just need to remove and polish more the kernel. However, if you do that, there are lesser nutrients in the rice. The brown rice becoming white, is quite unadvisable because you may lose numerous amount of B vitamins and any other nutrients in the rice.

Brown Rice: Is it good for weight loss?

Losing weight is the way of adjusting your lifestyle to be fit and burn some fats and calories in the body. Even though you increase your calorie burn because of getting more active all through the day and putting so much time in your exercise routines, it’s still hard.

The process of reducing your intake of calories and eating the proper diet needs you to go a long long way. Luckily, brown rice’s calories are just moderate, and it has a place in the balanced and healthy diet for weight loss. It just proves that brown rice for weight loss is really good.

Brown Rice: Calorie Basics

Most calories in rice come from carbohydrates, this is since the rice is a staple starch for many cultures. One cup of long grain brown rice has a total carbohydrate of 52 grams. This contributes to 196 calories to its 248 calories in total.

The carbohydrates may be high in calories, however, they can also help in energizing the muscles. This means that the brown rice’s carbs can keep your body’s energy level up. This is to burn more calories during every exercise you do. You can also benefit enough amount of protein when you eat brown rice.

Brown Rice for Weight Loss: Can it really help you?

Here are the reasons why brown rice for weight loss is beneficial:

High in Selenium. As we know, selenium is a mineral that helps in strengthening the immune system by lowering the risk of acquiring diseases. Good thing, brown rice is rich in selenium that may give you a good amount of protection against some illnesses.

Helps in losing fat. Brown rice is a whole grain, and being that, it does not bare-off its nutritional values unlike the other refined grains like the white rice.

Low in density. This just means that brown rice can effectively make you feel fuller even though you just consume a few servings. The fiber and water contents of it make its energy density become lower. It will help you in losing weight because it allows you to just eat less.

Facilitates slower release of sugar. Stabilizing blood sugar level is one of the health benefits of brown rice. This is what makes it beneficial in preventing diabetes in the body. This is specifically important in losing weight. Because the body is still adjusting to some new diet plan and it may make you weak in the starting phases.

Rich in fiber. Fiber is a nutrient essential for a good digestion. Furthermore, it also helps in optimizing your metabolic function that is beneficial in losing weight. Additionally, brown rice also helps in stabilizing digestion plus it also prevents constipation. A cup of brown rice has 3.5g of fiber, which equivalents to the 14% of the recommended daily value of brown rice which is 25g.


The benefits of brown rice for weight loss doesn’t stop just right there. Brown rice doesn’t just cover diet needs, however, it also covers the overall health status of anyone who eats it. This type of whole grain is very rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like potassium, iron, and manganese.

Brown rice is fitting not fattening. You can combine it with any different type of foods. Furthermore, you can also eat it as is since it already has its unique flavor. Incorporate brown rice into your diet and experience its weight loss power in no time.


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