The Most Amazing Health Benefits of Milkfish

Thousands and thousands of types of fishes live in the various bodies of water around the world; they can be wild fish or farm-raised fish. One common farm-raised fish is the milkfish. Even just by hearing its name, we can tell that this fish is delicious. Well, this may be true, but that is not the only thing to look out for. The health benefits of milkfish are also astounding. If you want to know more about this deliciously healthy fish, keep reading!

Milkfish: What Is It?

Milkfish, also known as the bangus or bandeng, is actually the only living member of the Chanidae family. Milkfish is a Pacific saltwater fish that is silver in color. It lays its eggs in the shallow part of the coastal waters, because it can withstand the low salinity. This makes it a staple food for many.

Milkfish is famous in Southeast Asia. In fact, it is the national fish of the Philippines, where it is called bangus. The city of Dagupan in Pangasinan, Philippines is the ‘bangus capital of the country.’ They even celebrate it as a festival every year between March and April to give thanks for the abundance of milkfish in the city.

Milkfish usually live in groups around islands and coral islands. Young milkfish may live for about 2 to 3 weeks in the sea before moving into the salt-water mangrove swamp, and occasionally moving further into the watery salt lakes. It may head back to the ocean when it is mature and ready to breed again.

Milkfish can grow to be about 1.8 meters long, although they average 1 meter. They can weigh around 14 kg and live as long as 15 years! Their bodies are symmetrical and streamlined, olive green with silvery scales.

Nutritional Values of Milkfish

is one of the healthiest and most nutritious fish around, first discovered in the Philippines before spreading to Taiwan, Indonesia and further in the Pacific region. It is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In fact, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, both of which are vital for normalising bodily functions.

One ounce, or about 28.33 grams, of cooked milkfish has:

NutrientAmount% Daily Value
Calories53.8 Kcal
Total fat2.4 grams
Cholesterol19 milligrams
Carbohydrates0 gram
Potassium106 milligrams
Sodium26.1 milligrams2%
Protein7.5 grams
Fiber0 gram0%
Vitamin A9.4 µg2%
Vitamin B60.1 milligrams11%
Vitamin B120.9 µg39%
Vitamin C0 milligram0%
Water17.7 grams
Folate5.1 µg2%
Niacin2.3 milligrams12%
Riboflavin0 milligrams2%
Thiamine0 milligram1%
Retinol9.4 µg
Selenium4.6 µg7%
Manganese0 milligram1%
Copper0 milligram1%
Zinc0.3 milligrams2%
Phosphorus58.9 milligrams6%
Magnesium10.8 milligrams4%
Iron0.1 milligrams2%
Calcium18.4 milligrams2%

Health Benefits of Milkfish

Here are some of the most astounding health benefits of milkfish:

  • Helps improve eyesight: the omega-3 fatty acids in the milkfish relieve dry eyes and can even prevent a loss in eyesight due to aging.
  • Helps improve cognition: the omega-3 fatty acids also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Helps protect against cancer: this is one of the best health benefits of milkfish. Not only do the omega-3 fatty acids fight cancer, they also prevent tumors from developing in the body.
  • Helps maintain kidney and heart health: the vitamin B12 helps maintain a good condition of your kidneys and heart. Furthermore, it also helps boost cardiovascular health by regulating the metabolism.
  • Helps protect against anxiety and depression: the potassium in milkfish is beneficial in getting rid of anxiety and depression.
  • Helps in bone health: there are rich amounts of vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium in milkfish, thus making it essential for healthy bone development.

Milkfish aren’t just delicious fish we eat and or admire in the ocean. They are also packed with health benefits which improve our entire being!


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