The Most Amazing Health Benefits Of Pulasan

Can it be possible for a fruit to have a twin? They almost have the same look, their appearance, yet varying a bit when it comes to juiciness and taste. Well, if you are wondering, I am talking about pulasan and rambutan. As what you have read a while ago, they look the same and guess what, they also are both beneficial for the health because of their amazing health benefits. Well, we already have an article for rambutan, so let’s give the spotlight to the amazing health benefits of pulasan for now. If you want to know it, feel free to give this article a read. Enjoy!

What is Pulasan?

This fruit is scientifically known as the Nephelium mutabile, belonging to the Blume family of plants. Pulasan is actually a tropical fruit that is closely related to rambutan. In fact, sometimes many confuse themselves with it.

The term ‘pulasan’ actually came from the Malay word pulas, which means to twist. This is closely related to the Tagalog word, pilas, which means to remove. Well, this just explains why the fruit itself is opened by way of twisting the fruit using both hands.

The pulasan tree is actually an ornamental tree that is 10 to 15 meters high. Furthermore, the fruit of it is super tropical and thrives only in regions that are very humid. In the Malayan region, they say that the tree actually bears the best after a very long and dry season.

Though it is quite similar to rambutan, it lacks the hairy spines. The flesh of pulasan is very sweet and so juicy (rambutan is much juicier). Furthermore, it separates very much easily from the seed, easier than that of the rambutan. Additionally, not like the seed of the rambutan, the seed of the pulasan fruit is edible even in raw form. It has a flavor that quite resembles the almonds.

Furthermore, pulasan is native to the Malayan Peninsula. There are wild trees that are uncommon in lowland forests all over Perak in Malaysia. However, they are abundant in low elevations from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in the Philippines.

Nutrition Facts of Pulasan

5 pieces or one serving of pulasan has:

Total fat0 gram
     Trans fat0 gram
     Monounsaturated fat0 gram
     Polyunsaturated fat0 gram
     Saturated fat0 gram
Cholesterol0 milligram
Protein0 gram
Sugars0 gram
Dietary fiber0 gram
Total Carbohydrates8 grams
Potassium0 milligram
Sodium0 milligram
Iron                                      0%Calcium                                       0%
Vitamin C                            0%Vitamin A                                     0%

Uses of Pulasan

The pulasan fruit has high levels of antioxidant properties. Its own antioxidant actions are attributed to the high levels of vitamin C. Furthermore, these antioxidants are also great because of the ample amount of chemicals like vitamin C in the fruit. There is also an ample amount of vitamin E and carotenoids in the fruit, thus making it beneficial in scavenging the free radicals in the body.

Furthermore, the pulasan fruit is also beneficial in making the skin much softer. Additionally, pulasan also forms an ingredient in certain hair care treatments. In fact, a study confirms that a smoothie that has pulasan is beneficial in making the complexion better. Moreover, the oil that comes from the seeds of the fruit has about 75% white fats, which are good fragrance as well as an excellent hair treatment.

Moreover, the fruit is also useful in reducing the body fat effectively. Therefore, this fruit is essential for those who are obese. In the actual fact, it is recommendable that those who have diabetes must consume this fruit in a regular manner. The fruits are not the only ones that give the health benefits of pulasan, even its root, and leaves.

Health Benefits of Pulasan

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of pulasan:

  • Helps in weight loss: the fruit is ideal for anyone who wants to shed off those extra fats in their body. This is mainly because the fruit is so high in dietary fiber content, thus making it feel much heavier in the stomach. Therefore, it suppresses hunger effectively.
  • Helps in controlling blood sugar levels: those who are diabetic may benefit from this fruit. In fact, pulasan is beneficial in managing the sugar levels by way of regulating the amount of sugar that is being released into the bloodstream.
  • Promotes regular bowel movement: the dietary fiber of pulasan is essential for digestion, thus essential in promoting the regular bowel movement as well.. furthermore, it also helps in keeping constipation away.
  • Acts as an anti-aging food: the vitamin C content of the fruit is beneficial in making you look much younger than your actual age. Not only that, it also helps in getting rid of free radicals by protecting the skin cells.
  • Good source of antioxidant properties: the ascorbic acid, hydroquinone, and pyrogallol in the fruit are potent antioxidants that are beneficial in getting rid of free radicals in the body.


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