The Most Astonishing Health Benefits Of Pollock Fish

Have you heard, seen, or tried Pollock fish before? You may not be able to recognize the name of this fish, but at some time in life, you may have probably tried eating Pollock fish. Due to the population size and the techniques in catching it, it is an extraordinarily common fish to eat in various regions in North America. Did you know that this fish is what McDonald’s use in their Filet-O-Fish sandwiches? Well, now you know! This fish is not an ordinary fish –it is extraordinary. Why? Well, it is oozing with so many essential nutrients, which all make up the health benefits of Pollock fish. Give this article a read and get to learn more about this amazing fish!

Pollock fish: What is this kind of fish?

The Pollock fish is a kind of fish that basically has two different types. When you say it plainly as Pollock, US people basically refers to the Pollachius pollachius or the Atlantic Pollock. The second one is the walleye Pollock or Alaskan Pollock. This completely belongs to some other genus, Gadus chalcogrammus.

Even though their names are repeatedly used interchangeably, the Alaskan Pollock has lesser nutrients in its serving than the Atlantic variety. Furthermore, both varieties of the Pollock fish look the same from their outside appearance, and they both have an unusual taste. Furthermore, the Pollock fish provides a white, soft meat, which is delightful when you use it in fillet form. Moreover, you may also find it in imitation crabmeat, which is very popular in the country of Japan as one of the alternatives to real crabmeat.

When you want to know what seafood you can safely eat, the levels of mercury in it is a big factor to consider. Luckily, the Pollock fish contains a low and safe amount of mercury, which must be of just a small concern to many people.

The Pollock fish often had a negative reputation due to its use in various processed foods and fast food restaurants. Nevertheless, when you prepare or eat it healthily, it may be a good addition to a diet rich in protein. Just like all kinds of fishes, the Pollock fish must be consumed moderately. This is due to the potential contamination of mercury, as well as the sustainability of it. This is even though it is free of mercury and fairly sustainable by most of the accounts.

Nutritional Value of Pollock Fish

The Pollock fish is oozing with essential nutrients, especially the Atlantic variety. In the actual fact, the Pollock fish possess an amazing amount of nutrients. In just a serving, you will eat a whole day’s recommendable value of phosphorus.

Furthermore, the omega-3 fatty acids of the Pollock fish is what makes it a great addition to a healthy diet, exclusively the two main kinds of it known as the DHA and EPA. Furthermore, the Pollock fish also contain the same amounts of DHA and EPA as the Atlantic cod.

Along with the omega 3 fatty acids, the Pollock fish also contain some essential nutrients, which act as antioxidants, which helps in fighting against free radical damages. This is in order to help with the general prevention of conditions.

193 grams of Pollock fish may contain approximately:

PrincipleAmount% Daily Value
Protein38 grams
Fat1.9 grams
Vitamin B126.2 micrograms103%
Selenium70.4 micrograms101%
Phosphorus426 milligrams43%
Niacin6.3 milligrams32%
Magnesium123 milligrams32%
Vitamin B60.6 milligrams28%
Riboflavin0.4 milligrams21%
Potassium687 milligrams20%
Calcium116 milligrams12%
Pantothenic acid0.7 milligrams7%
Sodium166 milligrams7%
Thiamine0.1 milligram6%
Zinc0.9 milligrams6%
Iron0.9 milligrams5%
Copper0.1 milligrams5%

Health Benefits of Pollock Fish

Here are some of the most astonishing health benefits of Pollock fish:

  • Helps in reducing inflammation and pain. Since inflammation is the major root for various diseases, it has become more and more significant to eat a diet plant that is full of inflammation-reducing foods. Of course, you will also need to avoid foods that may cause inflammation, just like processed sugar.
  • Helps in supporting the brain and mental health. The protein in the Pollock fish is beneficial for the normal learning and development. This is all because of the amino acids in the fish, which are necessary for the focus and energy.
  • May help in preventing cancer. This is probably one of the best health benefits of Pollock fish. This is all thanks to the nutrients, which helps the body inhibiting the onset or formation of cancer.
  • Beneficial in promoting fertility. The niacin in the Pollock fish is essential in the prevention of erectile dysfunction –a common condition in the infertility of men. Furthermore, the DHA in the fish is also essential in the promotion of healthy sperm, thus ensuring the shape and health of the sperm.
  • Helps in improving cholesterol levels and help in protecting against heart conditions. The rich levels of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 in the Pollock fish are beneficial in lowering the high levels of homocysteine in the body.

There is no denying that the Pollock fish is beneficial for the health. So next time you want to put your health status to the next level, try adding this to your diet!


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