The Most Staggering Health Benefits Of Cannellini Beans

Have you heard or seen of the cannellini beans before? If not yet, then it is now the time to try it! Did you know that the beans like cannellini beans are one of the most incredible parts of a healthy diet as they provide with high fiber and protein content, even without overloading the meal with so many calories? The cannellini beans are usually available in dried form and may be a great addition to various dishes. When it comes to its nutrition, the cannellini beans are very impressive in preventing various cancer types and help in losing weight. These aren’t the only health benefits of cannellini beans –there are some other. Give this article a read and get to learn more about these.

Cannellini Beans: What is this kind of bean?

The cannellini beans, being a part of the larger family of beans, originated in South America, most probably in Argentina or Peru. Just like all kinds of beans, they were introduced to Europe by the Spanish explorers in the 15th century. Furthermore, beans are a great source of fiber and protein, while sustaining a low calorie count. Not just that, they are also inexpensive when you buy them in markets. Moreover, the cannellini beans are also one of the staple foods in various regions in North America, Europe, and Asia.

In today’s day and time, the cannellini beans are produced commercially practically solely in Italy. Additionally, they are one of the most beneficial ingredients in Italian dishes, just like pasta e fagioli, minestrone. Commonly, cannellini beans are also valuable as a side dish of the bean stew with rosemary and garlic. In addition, residents of Tuscany have been caringly giving it a nickname, “mangiafagioli”, which means “eaters of beans”.

Mostly, cannellini beans are purchased in dry form and people cook it by soaking it in the water overnight. Moreover, the cannellini beans have earthy, nutty flavor, and are savory and creamy. People say that consuming this beans may help in losing weight effectively, as they help in inhibiting the body from absorbing the excess levels of carbohydrates. Additionally, the antioxidant properties of the cannellini beans allow them in keeping the heart healthy, while also helping in protecting the eyes.

Moreover, there are lots of health benefits of cannellini beans. One of which is its amazing effect on the regulation of blood glucose levels. Beans just like the cannellini beans are also recommendable as one great part of a healthy diet, which helps in avoiding various chronic illnesses, just like cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and many others.

Cannellini Beans Nutritional Content             

Specifically, the cannellini beans belong to the kidney bean family. For over centuries, the cannellini beans have been amazingly famous in Italian cuisine. They are actually 1/2 inch long with a shape that looks like a kidney and has a tough seed coating. Most of the time, the cannellini beans are available in dried form.

One of the best things about the cannellini beans is that they are a great source of necessary nutrients, including more or less 25% of the daily value needs of between that and the high levels of antioxidants, cannellini beans are a delightful and healthful way in eating Italian dishes.

One serving of the white cannellini beans may contain approximately:

  • Potassium – 270 milligrams – 7.7%
  • Calcium – 80 milligrams – 8%
  • Fiber – 6 grams
  • Protein – 7 grams
  • Carbohydrates – 19 grams
  • Calories – 90

Health Benefits of Cannellini Beans

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of cannellini beans:

  • Helps in protecting against skin damage. The antioxidant properties of the cannellini beans are beneficial in protecting the skin. The ferulic acid in it is beneficial in preventing sun damage and protect against oxidative stress.
  • May help in fighting against cancer. The cannellini beans, as what we have said earlier has ample amount of antioxidants, which is beneficial in fighting against oxidative stress due to the free radicals. Furthermore, they also possess polyphenols, a kind of antioxidant, which is commonly known to reduce the risk of heart disease as well as cancer. This is the best among all the health benefits of cannellini beans.
  • Helps in contributing to heart health. The alpha amylase inhibitor extract of the white beans may also have a lot of heart-healthy effects, together with the reduction of the level so f triglycerides in the body. We know that these are fat cells in the blood, which may cause negative effects on the heart health.
  • Helps in regulating blood sugar levels. The amylase inhibitor of the cannellini beans may help in fighting off diabetes. Not just that, the fiber content of the beans is also essential in the reduction of the risk of diabetes.
  • Helps in losing weight. The alpha amylase inhibitors in the cannellini beans are essential in losing weight. This is for the reason that with these inhibitors, the absorption of carbohydrates is stopped by way of blocking the enzymes responsible for the digestion.


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