The Most Astounding Benefits of Listening to Music

Are you one of those people that loves music? Well, you’re in good company! There are some people who can’t live without listening to music. Some genres can be very relaxing and pleasant to the ears, while some ease any pain you’re feeling or help you escape reality. Music is beneficial to everyone, and there are many more benefits to it than you may realize.

I have always admired people who can sing and play instruments at the same time. In the past, I used to listen to the original songs of my country, not just to unwind but also to release any thoughts weighing on my. Music is my way of escaping the reality of this world, and it’s good company when you have no one to talk to. Some songs seem to converse with you and match your emotions.

Well, now these feelings have some scientific backing to ward off those who don’t believe in what music can do for you. Recent research has evidence that music can improve the mental well-being and boost physical health in surprising ways. Furthermore, music lessons can help raise your IQ and keep you sharp in old age. In this article, I will be sharing some of the most amazing benefits that listening to music can give you. They are all scientifically proven to be true. So sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

Benefits of Listening to Music

  1. Music helps keep your brain healthy, even in old age.

One study with healthy adults found that those who have ten or more years of musical experience have a higher cognitive capacity than those who have fewer years of training. It can help reduce anxiety and stress, boost your health, help you sleep better, take away your pain and make you smarter.

  1. Music helps raise IQ levels and improve academic performances.

Research shows that taking a music lesson may predict a higher academic performance and IQ, especially in young children. To help your children achieve academic excellence, try to encourage them to sing or learn to play a musical instrument.

  1. Music helps increase verbal intelligence.

One study suggests that after only a month of music lessons, 90% of children between the age of 4 and 6 showed an increase in their verbal intelligence. Furthermore, the study suggested that music training had what they call a “transfer effect,” which enhances the ability of the children to understand words and explain what they mean.

  1. Music helps stroke patients recover.

A study conducted on stroke victims showed they had cognitive improvement if they were able to listen to music they chose themselves for two hours every day, compared to those who were given audio books or no listening materials whatsoever. If you have a family member or friend recovering from a stroke, bring them their favourite songs. It may significantly ramp up their recovery.

  1. Music helps reduce pain.

Research suggests that pre-recorded music and music therapy are beneficial in reducing pain. In fact, it reduces pain more than the standard treatments for cancer patients. Other studies have also shown music to decrease pain in intensive care patients and geriatric care patients, so long as the music is meditative, classical or songs that the patient chose themselves.

  1. Music helps reduce depression.

There are about 350 million people around the world who suffer from depression. About 90% of them also suffer from insomnia. One study suggests that listening to music may help reduce depression.

  1. Music helps lower stress and improve health.

Listening to music that you really love can help reduce stress hormones in the body. One study suggests that people who actively participate in music by writing it or play a musical instrument also see a boost in their immunity.

Music is undeniably one of the best things this world has brought us. Not only does it help relax our mind and soul, but it is good for our health. So, if you’re feeling down, hurt or anxious, just listen to your favourite music and escape the world without leaving it.


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