The Most Bewildering Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Have you tried almond milk before? Do you even know what it is? If yes, then good for you. If not, don’t worry, I got your back! Give this article a read and you will learn all about it, including what health benefits it offers. Are you excited to learn new facts? Sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

What is Almond Milk?

Basically, almond milk is a drink made from ground almonds and water. A popular plant-based alternative to cow’s milk, it has a nutty flavor and creamy texture. Not only that, it also has zero cholesterol and lactose in it. There are many varieties of unsweetened milk available in the market, and this is a healthy option, especially for those who want something sugar-free.

Most people have easy access to dairy milk, which is why it’s always been popular, but almond milk has actually been valued for years as a relatively accessible substitute. You know dairy milk offers a lot of essential vitamins and minerals, but almond milk actually possesses more nutrients. This is why it’s recommended for those who can’t or won’t drink dairy products, maybe because of an allergy or a calcium intolerance.

Is Almond Milk Dairy?      

Even though people call it almond milk, it is not actually a dairy product. In fact, it’s a tasty dairy-free, lactose-free and soy-free alternative to cow’s milk. According to dietitians, almond milk is made by blending almonds with water and straining them. Salts or even sweeteners may then be added, and various commercial manufacturers also add extra vitamins and other nutrients to it.

Nutritional Profile of Almond Milk

Almond milk has some of the same benefits as the super healthy almonds, including riboflavin and vitamin E, but the overall nutrient levels of the milk are much lower. It’s not clear as to how many almonds really go into a quart of almond milk, because each brand makes theirs a little differently.

Almond milk contains more calcium and vitamins D and A than whole almonds because of the additives given to it by manufacturers. While whole almonds have vitamin E, this actually doesn’t make it into the milk, and it needs to be manually added.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Here are some of the most astounding health benefits of almond milk:

  • Helps substitute breast milk. Almond milk has vitamins and minerals that are the same as those in the breast milk of a nursing mom, including vitamin D and C and iron. These are very important for the growth and well-being of the infant.
  • Helps boost immunity. Almond milk has a lot of nutrients and minerals that are beneficial in maintaining a healthy immune system. We know that the immune system is essential in protecting the body from microorganisms and germs. The intake of almond milk may help keep the body’s main line of defense strong and healthy.
  • Helps prevent cancer. Research suggests that drinking almond milk overwhelms the growth of prostate cancer cells. You should consult your doctor first before relying on alternative treatments, buthis is one of the best health benefits of almond milk.
  • Helps improve vision. Almond milk is oozing with vitamins like vitamin A, which is beneficial for the proper functioning of the eyes.
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart. There is no cholesterol in almond milk, which makes it a powerful enabler of a healthy and strong heart. Research suggests that almond consumption is beneficial in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure. Consuming almond milk is beneficial in maintaining and reducing blood pressure. Almond milk is the best substitute for those who have an intolerance to dairy and soy products.

There is no doubt that almond milk is astounding for the health. Therefore, if you are allergic to cow’s milk or have a calcium intolerance, choose almond milk. You will surely see a boost in your health!


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