Advantage of Guava Leaves for Varicella

Chickenpox or Varicella is a spreading disease.  Rashes like tingling like crazy and fever that doesn’t seem to get off are its symptoms. It spreads like a flame among people who have not experience it before, leading to so many pain and discomfort. The contamination will have to be in your whole body for almost a week or 21 days before the rashes and other manifestation development. You start to be communicable to those around you up to 2 days or 48 hours before it occurs in the whole body. The symptoms of this quickly circulating infection can be relieved by using common home remedies. The effect of guava leaves for varicella is surprisingly good.

The non-rash manifestation my last a few weeks and involve:

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Fever
  3. Headache

1 to 2 days after you experience this syndrome, the classic rash will begin to cultivate. The rashes go through 3 phases before you get back. This includes the following:

  1. Cultivate pinkish or reddish bumps the whole body
  2. The bumps become swelling filled with liquid that leaks
  3. The bumps become scab over, crusty and start to heal.

The bumps on your whole body will not all are in the identical phase at the same time. But new bumps will gradually appear throughout the virus. The rashes may be very tingling, especially before it scabs over the outer part of the skin.

You are still infectious until all the swelling on your whole body has flakes over. The crusty flakes areas ultimately fall off. It takes 7 to 14 days to cure completely.

What is the originator chickenpox?

VZV or Varicella-Zoster Virus causes the chickenpox originator infection. Most cases happen through a contract with a contaminated person. The virus is communicable to those around you for 1 to 2 days before your swelling appear. Varicella-Zoster Virus remains communicable until all swelling has crusted over. The germs can spread through the following:

  • Sneezing
  • Saliva
  • Contact with fluid from the swelling
  • And, coughing

How does Varicella or Chickenpox develop?

The Varicella virus can develop very easily by inhaling the same air as a contaminated patient or by touching her or him. A contaminated person can transmit the disease from one to two days before they get rashes until they have cured completely. This spreading period lasts for a few weeks. Even the people who get the vaccine for chickenpox and still consumed the disease can spread it to others around them. Aside from being highly infectious, this viral contamination can create a lot of irritation. Use the solution given below to get remedy from the symptoms and easily improve in health from this infection.

Here are some Home Remedies:

  • Honey to add taste
  • Cups of water (2)
  • 10-12 new guava leaves

How to do it:

  1. Blister the guava leaves for 10-15 minutes
  2. Strain the fluid and Honey to taste
  3. Drink the herbaceous tea while it is lukewarm

How frequently should you do this?

You must have 2-3 glass of blister guava leaves tea every day.

How Guava Leaves Works

Guava leaves are frequently used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for skin irritation and infection. They are rich in nutrient like Vitamin C and also have antimicrobial feature. They reduce the varicella rashes and also keeping from having scars because of the content of Vitamin C.  It also has contradictory allergic properties that help avoid the production of histamines by the body and as a result, it is a great help to treat the patient discomfort from atopic dermatitis. Separate from leaves it is also used for anti-inflammatory possessions that help decrease the itchiness and redness caused due to atopic dermatitis. It also helps enlighten black spots and red spots on the face and other parts of the body. The guava leaves have a content that not only help in reducing inflammation and killing bacteria but it also helps enlighten blemishes.

How to prepare

Get guava leaves. If you are utilizing it to help treat atopic dermatitis get some dried leaves. Now cut this leaves into small pieces and add them to a pot of boiling water. Let the guava leaves boil in the water till the water turns to color brown and looks concentrated. Let the guava juice cool and then using a clean cotton ball put it into the affected area where you like treat. Apply it exhaustively on the face and allow it for about 15 minutes and then after you can now wash your face with clean water. Do this 2x a week for persuasive results. These also help in preventing and relieving the redness and itching feeling and discomfort you feel due to your status.


If you are suffering from hypoglycemia, do not take guava juice tea as it lowers the blood sugar. A person with heart illness case should also refrain from using this solution for Varicella or chickenpox.


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